April 28, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 4/30/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/30/15

Today we are in the number 5. Feel the earth in all its wonder. Taste the nectar of your particular life with all its bitterness and sweetness. Smell the complexity of the tones of the dirt and flowers together dancing and meshing in a complex dance of decay and birth. Hear the songs of the land and air as they speak in the secret language of time. And see with wonder all that is offered in each and every day forward. Be in the magic of the senses and the number 5. Be of the earth but practice non-attachment to the earth. You are resourceful, versatile, and in gracefully understanding with all of life. Step lightly upon the earth today. It is a day of earth, life, and the unknown. Be not afraid. You are protected. Let life’s choices play with you in subtle ways. The Moon is in Virgo all day, encouraging a sense of belonging and emotional satisfaction in doing your part or providing a service. With the Sun and Neptune forming a sextile today, a natural compassion is added to the mix. You have better access to your imagination and intuition today, and what feels like serendipity experienced now may actually have to do with a good sense of timing and feeling in synch. You are more generous and charitable with your time and energy. You are able to see people and situations from a different perspective–one that allows for, and finds beauty in, differences.

~Suzanne Wagner~




How often does Spirit murmur in your ear? The answer is when are you listening? Spirit is always there, always seeking to comfort, to help and to guide you. To give you gifts, to make you a gift. We may all call her different things, but I am quite certain her gender is feminine, for she is so gentle, and never intrusive. She is not always convenient, but expects – trusts – you will act when she calls. She is the quickening within us that whispers to tell the woman in the dairy aisle how lovely she is, or to call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in years or to write someone you know in soul, but less in reality, an encouraging reminder of how truly, deeply sacred they are. Listen…


The trouble is, we are often overcome by ego, and fail to act on these spiritual impulses. Always we regret that, in a small way of course. But it’s an inner prompting to simply pay more heed the next time around, to remember what you are here for. And when we follow through? There is always a beautiful bell of clarity, a song whose melody is a resounding but gentle “Yes. ” Always.


I feel many of you need this reminder as well, so from my deep to yours, remember these things, they are yours: Breathe them in. Do not let them go.


You are Loved.

There is a Divine plan for your life that calls to you even now. Trust that.

You are not reading this by chance.

Remember what you think you have forgotten. It is neither lost nor gone.

You must carry the Light, you must be the Light.

You are safe here.

And you are infinitely, infinitely LOVED.

~Wild Women Sisterhood~



Always appreciate the moments that are in this Now. There are infinite shifts in direction that can affect all of us. We are temporarily in this body to experience and journey though a particular configuration of karmas and experiences. I remember years ago when I was in my 20’s I asked the guides, “How long am I going to live?” Their answer was, “When you connect to the people and experiences that you agreed to connect to, when you have given the gifts that you wanted to share with others, and when you have loved as deeply as is possible in this life then you get to go home.” So today, live and love as fully as you can. Be one with the flow of life all around you. Share your gifts without hesitation with others and don’t be afraid to connect deeply with as many as you can.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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