April 28, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 4/29/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/29/20

4/29/20 is the number 10. If you add the 4 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 19.  1 + 9 = 10.

Once again, we have an opportunity to take a moment and allow ourselves to start over.  The ability to begin again is very important. There is great power in choice. Right now, many feel as if they are not at choice but at the whims of a virus. But there are many ways and places that you do have choice and it is important to activate them fully so you can feel as if life continues to grow and expand for you.
Many feel as if the government has taken their power of choice away. And while in a few instances that is very true, there are places that you can be at choice.
But recognize that your choices and actions do impact others.

I find the hardest game in life is to do no harm. And that can be more difficult than it sounds. Finding out how you can move through life without negatively impacting  people can take all of your ability to hold boundaries. Some people were raised with great trauma and dysfunction. They do not understand boundaries. So when you draw a line they ignore that line … again and again.
It is a sign of a frozen child self that was damaged early on in life. It is challenging when you are trying to do no harm but people keep coming at you with negativity inspired by others or their own dysfunction.
While you can try to stay back and allow them their process, there are moments when lines need to be clearly drawn and boundaries for your life defined.
It is essential that you know that you do not have to take on the karmic dysfunction of others.
You must allow them to process through their dysfunction and not judge them. But when their dysfunction continues to impact you in negative ways, that is when you must take your power, make a choice, and clearly define a line in the sand. Speaking the truth is hard to do when you know that someone is suffering. That is why being quiet and not speaking is often the best approach. But then there are moments when that is just not working. While that truth might be painful, sometimes a person needs to have the truth so they can grow and stop making up stories that are not true in their mind.  It is hard to tell someone that they are continuously causing you suffering and that you need to walk away. Everyone has the potential to awaken and make a change. Some want you to do it for them. But in reality you cannot. Each person needs to stand up for themselves. Stand on their own two feet. Recognize that it is their choices and decisions that have lead them to this moment and these circumstances. You cannot save someone from the karmic lessons they are here to learn. That is why sometimes stepping back is correct and sometimes, telling the truth as kindly as possible is the way to help a person the most.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in the protective and calm-seeking sign of Cancer until bedtime this evening, at which time it moves into the proud and creative sign of Leo.

Mercury semi-squares Venus today and will do the same to Neptune tomorrow. You may feel torn between two mindsets. Because of that don’t expect to make firm decisions about things because there is a distinct possibility that you might be rationalizing your feelings or emotionalizing your observations. Neither of which makes you completely clear on any subject.

Under these aspects I know that everyone wants to be sociable but there is not the ability to do that at this time. You might find it hard to concentrate on what you need to do for work and it would be best to keep things simple and mundane.

Tomorrow there is a Mercury-Uranus alignment and today, as it comes in, you might be feeling as if you are spinning, confused, or just plain unhappy.

Practice empathy at all costs and know that your emotional expression right now is one sided so others are also struggling. Do what you need to do and let others find their own way. You cannot rescue everyone. Those with a tendency to illness are not feeling well or aligned. Do not over-indulge right now. It can cause big problems with everyone around you.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I love to hear the stories of others pasts.

I love to listen to what remains and lasts.

I love to discover the journeys of souls.

I love to honor their paths and goals.

Perhaps in this time where we stand alone.

We get to review how we found our way home.

Each journey is a wonder to behold.

Each soul has a story to be told.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When I was about 8 years old, my father invested in a Uranium mine up in the La Salle Mountains so that two summers in a row we went up there to explore what they were doing and to have a vacation.

The area was high up in the La Salle Mountains outside of Moab, Utah. It was a beautiful and magical place but the mine was in a very difficult and potentially inaccessible place high up the mountains.

But to a child it was a wonder and remote. Filled with the wildness of nature and many unexplored territories. I loved the coolness of the mine in the heat of the summer. Though I was never allowed to go very far into the mine, there was always a cool wind coming up from the ground and standing in the opening was like standing by an open refrigerator door.

My father would discuss many things with his friends and the families would camp and make dinners. But we were never without the company of a group of very determined skunks. These skunks were like a band of bullies and the moment you opened a can of anything or opened a bag of anything, here they would come. Marching in with their tails up and to the ready. The smell of one skunk is quite something but when you have about 20 of them, let’s just say, “stinky” does not do it justice.

No matter what we did we ended up retreating to our tents while they scoured around looking for scraps. And these were very big skunks. I have cute little skunks around my property now and they are adorable but small. These were clunkers. Very well fed by something.

One day as I retreated from “skunk city”, instead of going into the tent, I decided to go exploring. There was a creek coming down the mountain in a sharp, steep line and so I was wandering down the creek when suddenly there was a “Blue Woman” standing in front of me.

Now, from the time I was a child I tended to see things such as ghosts, guides, and nature spirits. Somehow I always knew the difference between all of those.

This one was a bit bigger and more important than a nature spirit. she was more like a god or a protector of a mountain.

After studying with the Quechan people of Peru, I now know they call them “Apu’s”. They are the spirits of the mountains. I have met a few in my life but this one was my first experience. (I will tell some other stories of those at another time).

She was a bluish lavender color and really did not have feet. But she had substance though she was like a slightly moving breeze.

She pointed to a scree field high up the mountain and simply said, “You need to let them know that the plane they are looking for is up there.”

I replied, “What plane?”

She said, “Why the plane that crashed. They are looking for it.”

Again, I said, “Who is looking for it?”

She said, “The families.”

From the angle we were at and the angle of the sun there was a reflection like metal coming off the mountain, just below the top.

She said again, “Tell the miner and your father.”

I said I would and the breeze carried her off in the wind.

I went to my dad but from a different angle you could not see the metal reflecting. I am sure he thought I was seeing things or making things up.

I then went to the miner and told him. He looked up there but also could not see anything. He got out his binoculars and tried to look where I was pointing but it is a very large mountain and I later found out it was a very small plane that had literally hit headfirst into the mountain and it was in small pieces everywhere.

I kept insisting that it was there and, at least, the miner did not discount me.

A few days went by and I kept looking toward that spot. I waited until the sun was just right and there was a slight metal glimmer.

Then I ran to the miner and pointed again. This time he saw it and fixed his binoculars on the spot and then solemnly called my dad and the men over.

The next thing I know is that the men are going on an expedition up to that spot. And off they went.

It took them a full day and by the time they got back their faces told me that the “Blue Lady” was right. My father took us down to a lower campground and went to the police station to do a report with the miner.

The next day lots of people were going up the narrow road to our mine because it was the closest vantage point to hike to get to the crash site.

And sure enough they found a plane that had vanished that the families had been looking for.

While there were no survivors, at least the families had closure.

Only many years later as an adult did I hear about the tales of the Blue Lady of the La Salle Mountains. The mountains look blue in many moments because of the light. And the range will go completely blue. That “Blue Lady” was clearly the guarding of those mountains. And I am grateful to have seen her as a child.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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