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Numerology/Astrology for 4/30/17

4/30/17 is the number 8. Abundance happens when you let go and trust the spiritual laws that rule all of us to a greater and lesser degree. Each person has a position to play in the dance of your life that will help you awaken by triggering you into the places that you have been unwilling to go and unwilling to heal. Those that love us the most will take the position of the perpetrator of the action that causes us to fall into our suffering in order to serve our awakening. In doing so they risk taking on more karma, hence the dance of life that keeps rotation around drawing us back into the density and chaos. So, love those that trigger you into the pain that you are already holding inside. See the love they hold beyond their beliefs and projected egoic, human, self. Know that inside each person is here to be love and to discover that the power of love has the potential to heal sorrow, pain, and suffering.
The Moon continues its transit of Cancer all day today and tomorrow. You want to feel once again like you belong and feel safe, and your home and family matters may come into sharp focus. With the Sun and Moon’s harmonious aspect today, the desire for comfort or security is prominent now. This is a better time for going over the past than for making solid plans for the future. A longer term influence comes into exactitude today: Saturn square Chiron. This is the second in a set of three (the aspect first occurred in December and will perfect again in November). There can be fears of not being competent or capable enough to meet your current responsibilities. You can be torn between nursing a problem area or using a “tough love” approach. You may have a hard time striking out on a unique path as much as you might want to. The desire to break from the status quo is strong, but you may not have the necessary confidence to do so. You can be particularly sensitive to criticism, but you might take a hard look at your vulnerabilities as they are going to be triggered now.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I am the water that weaves the threads
of life that flows and infinitely spreads.
I am the softness that cools the touch.
I am the emotion that becomes too much.
I am the power that roars and groans.
I am the music that whistles and tones.
I am inside your body and outside too.
I am darkened skies and watery blue
I change shape, size, and form.
I am always being eternally born.
Inside you now is a molecule of those
Who came before and whose wisdom is known.
Can you touch the vibration deep inside,
That can give you the wisdom to help and guide.
What once was has always been.
And I will be until the end.

~Suzanne Wagner~
Healing is an interesting process. It is not about “others” but about you and your own choices that activate the healing process. It is called a “healing crisis” for a reason. That reason is that others cannot heal you. It is only when you recognize that you are miserable in the place and energy that you have created and are finally fed up with your own attachment that is creating the patterns of separation that you will move. Because you cannot depend on getting what you want to feel better. In fact, growth comes from not getting what you want and then needing to do something else. Life is not here to give you the projection of your desires but to show you the limitation of those desires and expand you out of your “safe” zone and into real life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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