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Numerology/Astrology for 4/7/17

4/7/17 is the number 3. With fresh eyes, you look upon your world and see through the illusions of your fears and into a more proactive and positive approach. All ways that allow for the possibility to shine through the muck are very important right now. Transformation happens when you see beyond the limitations that the mind has created that has allowed the fear, anger, and hatred to become more important that the greater reality outside your narrow self-created world. Each of us have moments of choice. That choice is about movement forward. Life is about learning to adapt to the constantly changing circumstances of this reality. When you are unwilling to adapt, you begin to slowly die. It is important to have that flexibility of the mind and soul. Constantly changing equations are what makes life fun and a challenge. Let both be motivators to your highest self to awaken.
On April 7th, we have a Sun/Jupiter Opposition which attempts to bring magic and wonder along with a few miracles. All very much needed and appreciated at this time. I personally will be taking my dear Bhutan Buddhist monk friends back to the San Francisco Airport and putting them on a plane to New York. On one level the fire of Jupiter can become inflated for some egos so know that those with that tendency might just go into more excess and pleasure seeking. When this energy is integrated, you will feel optimistic and in good cheer. You will see your life in a much more prosperous way and feel that you are moving more and more into philosophy, spirituality, travel, and social causes. Gratitude is attempting to win over greed and boastfulness. Those with self-control issues will seem to go into excess and wastefulness. There are consequences for those who use acts of greed in which others are without.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Give others space.
Give others time to uncover
what is necessary for them to grow.
You do not need to force anyone
see your position or your way.
Because it is your way.
Not all those in your life
are to walk your path.
Not all those in your life
are here to integrate your lessons.
If something is not their next lesson
on their karmic journey
regardless of how important
it is to you, it will mean nothing
and make no difference in their life.
What is yours is yours.
Enjoy that wisdom and awakening.
It will come to others in due time.
And in a time that is when
they are ready for it.

~Suzanne Wagner~

I seem to be at a new place of awareness. I feel a deep contentment inside that has been the culmination of much growth for many years. It is as if the process of aging is allowing me a new way to see the world and my life with calmness and a softer gaze. It also allows me to not really care about what other think about me or their projection upon me. I see that few will ever really see me because they are so caught up in their own karma that they cannot or will not be able to step beyond their own bubble and reality. And that is really okay. It is not necessary to have external acceptance because internally I know deep in my core that I am a deeply compassionate person that attempts in my very “human” way to reach out and help when I sense the need and the compelling energy from spirit to connect. Yes, I love to do that connection with the human world but buried deep in the forest and on the land that I live I recognize that the connection to the earth, birds, animals, and plants is more fulfilling, softer, calmer, more accepting, and much more appreciative. There is so much suffering that is in this world and it takes so little to make a difference. Humans tend to want “everything”. They want others to do all the work for them. They want quick answers. They want it “right now”! They believe they deserve it all, but then they are unwilling to do the hard work that is necessary to break the habits that their mind creates that consistently limit them. It creates an endless loop of pain because they have been told by religions, metaphysical La-La realities that if they do certain things that their life will be perfect. If they do this intention exercise then they will get what they want. But it is really not that easy. I have been with some of the poorest people who are much more “real” and centered than those with a lot. I have seen more happiness in those with less as they appreciate things much more. In the human world, we have lost the gift of appreciation and gratitude. We believe those that have what we want should just give it to us. But that type of happiness is temporary. It does not solve the deeper karmic issues that are under the surface of a “perfect life”. Stop for a moment and interrupt the striving. Stop for a moment and drop into this moment. It is not about what you can get but what you have to give that is of great karmic impact over time. Giving people what they think they want will never help them progress. Giving people what they need to open their hearts and minds to the infinite self within is of much greater value.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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