April 6, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 4/7/20 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/7/20

4/7/20 is the number 5. If you add the 4 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 15. 1 + 5 = 6

A perfect day numerologically for self-isolation. It is a day to meditate. Perhaps contribute to the global meditation practices. Inward is the direction. Let yourself explore the magic of the inner dimensions. The one thing that I have never regretted was any spiritual journey that I chose to experience. There are many things that are life affirming and life-fulfilling. The inner world is a limitless journey that is always interesting and gives way more back than it ever takes.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The April 7th there is a Full Moon and it is in the Libra-Aries trajectory. This is the second of three super moon’s this spring. This one is closer to earth than the one in March. That close proximity makes it the most powerful of the three. It is considered a Pink Moon. Pink is the color of the heart chakra and everyone could use a lot of that loving energy right now. While the Libra part of this moon wants to be social and improve relationships remember to stay socially distant but reach out through the phones or internet. The Moon and the Sun are in Aries asking if you are ready to pioneer a new path. We are being asked to re-balance our sharing with others and our individual needs. The earthly level of this full moon is to take action to improve relationships, including your relationship with yourself. The spiritual frequency asks you to revolutionize your value system to live in a higher balance.

Jupiter and Pluto are challenging forces right now. Jupiter pushes you to expand your beliefs to allow a larger expression of your true self. Pluto pushes you to address your fears, emotional wounds, or anything that disempowers you. You are being asked to choose to live according to higher spiritual principles.

There is a challenging aspect between warrior Mars and revolutionary Uranus. On one level you are being asked to take action and to open to innovative ways to live your life, but the universe has a plan and a tempo and sometimes you just cannot rush the energy that is unfolding. The earthly level of this full moon is to take action to improve relationships, including your relationship with yourself. The spiritual frequency is to take action to revolutionize your value system to live in a higher balance. Some may use this energy to be combative and rebel. Know that you might respond in unusual ways. Consider all the risks before you attempt anything.

Mercury in connecting with Jupiter and Pluto makes you more aware that this change is one of that powerful and long term. Just know that you do not need, nor you can rush. Your perspective is expanding you but there is tension with that change.
~Suzanne Wagner~


This is the moment.
A moment to make a memory
that is so powerful that it can
heal the places that you did
not show up in someone’s life.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I was watching the recent Patrick Stewart movie, “Coda” and it so reminded me of my time living in Europe and the patience and timeless focus that is reflected in European artists and musicians. Having lived all over the world, you learn to listen …. really listen to the music of a culture, country, land, and its people. What always struck me as profound in Europe was the immense respect that was given to artists, musicians, composers, etc. And when Europeans participate in an audience they are not going to “get out of” their reality. They are not going to escape. They are not going to fall asleep in the theater. They are going to have that artist drop them into the feeling they are expressing. They are there to become a part of a magical field of energy. They are not separate from the artist. They are one with the artist. They feel the artists emotions through the presentation of the music.
Europeans audiences are highly educated and respectful. Now that is not to say that if you do something artistically that is terrible (in Europe) they will not loudly let you know, because they will. But there is a presence to an audience in Europe that is often lacking in the US. Theater is a deeply shared experience that expresses the longing, the pathos, and the most profound emotions that the human condition can create. They sense that through music and art, humanity reaches past its limitations and suffering and into the limitless potential that was the true gift of being here on this earth.
European music reflects the consistency and patience that has carried Europe through World Wars and the immense effort of recovery. And music has been the thread of hope that keeps souls going. When I listen to music of every county, I hear the heartbeat and soul of its people. I hear the trials and tribulations. I hear the desires and passions of their souls. I hear the cries and prayers of their conjoined soul quest.
That is what makes cultures so interesting. The countries themselves are a frequency and harmony of a particular expression and those souls born or raised there are co-contributors to that frequency and are deeply a part of the music that springs forth from those lands.
When I hear popular American music I hear the restlessness and impatience of youthful exuberance. When I hear Russian music I hear the pathos, the passion, the emotional intensity, and the largeness of their country.
When I hear Japanese music I hear the peeling wails of the wind through the land. The controlled softness of a land that counters its intense landscapes with the gentlest of whispers and honor.

Today, listen to the music that draws you. It is a reflection of your own heart and soul. It speaks to the part of you that you have trouble explaining. It touches the places that you do not allow others into. But never limit yourself musically. Reach past your places of comfort. Discover the domains of emotional and energetic expression that are yet to be uncovered. You are an undiscovered country. Let yourself wander until you find out who you are.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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