April 30, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 5/1/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/1/20

5/1/20 is the number 10. If you add the 5 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 10.

We back up one position so that we can learn to stand on our own two feet. You have to love yourself enough to step onto your own path. Another’s path will not work for you. No one’s path will every really work for you. You have to learn to be brave enough to stand up and take full responsibility for your actions and choices that have led to these consequences. You cannot expect others to walk your path. Nor should you expect yourself to be able to walk the path of another. At first in life we think that power is about being with a teacher or a guru. But then you eventually realize that each person is human and that while they may have figured something out that worked for the development of an enlightened perspective, they will still have human issues that they are working through. And sometimes no matter how hard you try; you cannot exactly walk the pathway to enlightenment of another teacher. Realistically you cannot because you do not have their culture, their DNA, their experiences or understanding.

That is the moment when all students and disciples decide that they have to walk their own path and be willing to let life teach them. They have to learn to trust in their ability to discover the wisdom that presents in their own life, to map out their own pathways to enlightenment, and to learn to trust that the path they are on is the right one for themselves at this time. That is why power must be earned through experiences. Power handed to someone without going through a process of earning it is an open door to create those that become dictators, megalomaniacs, and dangerous leaders. Today, own your life and your path as the correct one for you. Know that another’s path is right for them but that does not mean it is the direction you need to go. Remember that life is the greatest teacher and guru of all. And chuckle that this great teacher is a woman, Mother Earth.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Astrology Overview for May 2020

This month there are two bigger shifts that impact you. The first is that the Nodes of the Moon move out of Cancer/Capricorn where they have been since November 2018 and into the Gemini/Sagittarius cycle. This starts May 4th. and will go for one and a half years. That will make you feel as if you are getting out of a deep rut that you have been caught in. The fresh air of Gemini/Sagittarius will feel radically different. You become open to more ideas and you allow a new way of communicating to mature in your psyche. It will be crystal clear that the old ways of thinking have created this painful world and just as clear that you will have to make radical changes also.

On May 13th, Venus starts her retrograde cycle. You are going to look at all your relationships and finances in a very new light. You realize that what is happening radically shifts your priorities around both.

Ambitious Mars goes into Pisces on the 13th and will be there until the end of June. Three planets that were in a triple alignment in Capricorn go retrograde. Pluto begins that journey on April 25. Saturn will go retrograde on May 10/11 and Jupiter will follow suit on May 14th. I hope this gives us a reprieve from the coronavirus and it will give us a chance to catch up.

May begins quietly. The Moon in Leo on Friday, gives a warmer and more friendly perspective. Do your best to be optimistic and see that there are ways that you can move that will be good for everyone. Move in a generous fashion with those around you. You need to be strong and you need to define what you want your world to look like in the future. Know that no matter what, you cannot go back nor would you really want to. Being blind to what was really happening does not solve the problems happening in the world. Ignoring the terrible things that continue to happen will not heal the suffering of those experiencing them. Change requires enough upset to shift perceptive of a lot of people.

There is a Moon opposition of Mars around lunch time and it can make some competitive and combative. Some will not listen and react in passionate though not intellectually sound ways. Some are not willing to accept what is happening and will react rather than respond. When people do not get what they want they will lash out at those that are in their way. There are two ways to work this type of energy. You can allow it to excite you or make you more emotionally intense. Fear of loss is fueling both. I prefer to work this from as much positive energy as possible. Self-restraint and respecting another’s boundaries is an important thing to learn. Some did not get this lesson as a child and so they want to push and push until they get what they want. But such a path will never really give you happiness.

We are heading towards a Mars-Chiron semi-square. As it comes in today, you may notice that standing up for anything is very uncomfortable. There will be those that are angry that they cannot get what they desire in a direct manner. Life is showing you a significant detour that needs to happen in your reality.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I wish for a time and place
where everyone could give
all living things space
to just breathe and be.
But I understand that
wounding happens and
those wounds cause all
living things to react
and respond in ways that
end up causing more suffering.
~Suzanne Wagner~


May nature return to what has always been
May mankind change into being more human.
I wish for a world with clean air.
Oceans blue and free of despair.
Wild spaces that are alive.
A world in which all things can thrive.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Peru Story

Once when we were in a smaller town outside of Cusco, there was a market there and a seller who was selling beautiful alpaca wool. I was a knitter and took interest in his amazing wool and while he did not speak a word of English and my Spanish was limited at best, we were managing well enough when he closed up his shop and started motioning me to follow him. Now normally this sounds like a very bad idea as we are moving further into the dark and narrow alleys of the small town, but there was something about his demeanor and the kindness in his eyes that made me feel as if I would be okay and safe.

We get to the doorway of an old stone building and he opened the door with a big old key (like something from a prison cell door) and in we went.

This was his shop and he was very proud of it.

Once we were inside he began showing me all the types of wool and all his tools for carding and separating the wool. He insisted that I card the wool with him. Then he showed me how to spin the wool with a hand spinner. And we did that for a while. It was a cultural experience where this my wanted to show and teach me his skill in the world. It was a type of sharing in love. He was a beautiful weathered old man with bright eyes and a toothless smile that did not stop. He was content in who he was and proud of his abilities and shop.

Needless to say I bought $100 worth of wool, all the while wondering how I was going to get it back to the US. Because that was a lot of wool.

I later discovered that in Peru there is a tradition called “Tinqui”.

The tradition is that if you have a skill that another does not have, culturally it is important to share that skill with another. And that you share to the point that they become competent with that skill. That is a social obligation to share abilities.

As American’s we want everything to be “our” idea. We are a country that does not like to share. But the opposite is in Peru. You are obligated to share if you have something that another might need and you are here to teach them what you know with love, compassion and grace.

I wonder how different our world would be if we adopted that ability more in life.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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