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Numerology/Astrology for 5/12/20

5/12/20 is the number 3. If you add the 5 + 1 +2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 12. 1 + 2 = 3.

This number is a number of hope. It is a personal choice to find something positive in a complicated and distorted reality. That is why, getting back to what is consistent and what you can rely upon … is essential.

What can you rely on as an anchor in this stormy, emotional reality?
You can rely on nature.
You can rely on everything that is untouched by mankind.

Wildness, while unpredictable in its movement is not completely random. There is an order to the natural world. It is not trying to mess with your mind. It is not trying to confuse you.

Wildness may try to avoid you or kill you … but most of the time it prefers to watch you from a distance.

Humanity has a tendency to want to manipulate your perception and intentionally create doubt.

Once that happens, that person has an access to your mind and can twist your feelings and destabilize your connections between this world and your soul’s connection to it.

Thought viruses are more contagious than Covid. They are insidious and spread at a rapid rate. That is why stepping back from opinions becomes (again) essential in maintaining stability in unstable times. Because these moment are increasingly distorted and a type of toxicity is spreading.
I am smart enough to know what I do not know. And there are a lot of things that I do not know. But I can discern information that is intentionally designed to be inflammatory and hook emotions and minds.
All things presented in certain ways should be immediately suspect. It matters not if they are valid because the intention is to snare the energy of a soul and manipulate it for purposes that are not for the good of the person or the whole. That is what we need to look for at this time in history. The hook, the trap and the intentional stripping away of your energy from your soul.

I feel right now as if we are each walking through a mine field filled with snares, traps, riddles, and bombs. It becomes essential to get out of the mine field and to the other side. But you have to pick your path carefully with forethought, planning, and a strategy. Things that might seem minor are actually disguised and could have tragic consequences. In such moments you have to keep your wits about you. You have to stay calm. You have to believe that you can pass through the minefield. You cannot allow yourself to fall for the obvious or the subtle manipulations designed to lure you into a place where others can feed off your energy.
Fear spreads faster than a virus.
To counter that fear, you have to believe in yourself and your intentions. You cannot allow others to take you down a path that they say is safe. No pathways that are sheer opinions are safe for you or for anyone.
Especially now, it becomes essential to keep your own counsel and to follow the promptings of your guides and angels. Listen to your heart. Do good things when you feel prompted by your guides and angels. Stay clear of energies that want to hook, manipulate, or lure you into places that cause suffering. There is quite enough suffering in this world.
The world needs those that walk a path and those that will not fall for the classic ways that (historically) mankind has used to control populations through fear and anger.
Hold onto the positive energy of the number 3. Maintain hope. Believe in yourself and your path. That way you will have no one to blame and you will discover the uncharted potential of your soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Tuesday is good for getting serious and finding some ways to communicate with those you love. New actions are not advised. It would be better to turn off your phone and tell everyone to go away while you focus on an activity that requires your total attention.

Mercury is in Gemini and forms a trine to Saturn. You will feel as if there are many things pulling at you on the practical level. Be realistic as to what you intend to take on as projects. You are learning how to do new things and such moments take great communication with others. Be centered and use less words rather than more. Keep the personal out of tasks that require you to be instructive. Keep your expectations low and just do the next thing that presents. That way you will get lots done. This is great for your concentration and your ability to take actions that are executed correctly. Stay the course and be diligent in your approaches.

With the Aquarius Moon you want to organize things in unusual ways that are intellectually stimulating. Social issues arise and you feel drawn to a cause.

The Moon conjuncts Saturn. Some of you may still notice this type of lethargy, depression, melancholy and a feeling as if the world is no longer so friendly. Know that there are those out there that are attempting to reach out. You are not alone and there are others out there that you can reach out to that will help you move out of the feelings of limitation into a place where there is optimism and potential.

Mars goes into Pisces as you fall asleep. Know that tomorrow you are going to be asked to be reliable and steady. Quite a task in such a moment. If you feel as if you are failing you might shift into a type of overly sensitive and volatile way of responding. Let your self-control guide you into a more friendly expression of kindness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Wildness may try to avoid you

or kill you but most of the time

it prefers to watch you from a distance.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Humanity has a tendency

to want to manipulate

your perception and

intentionally create doubt.

~Suzanne Wagner~


In my life I have repeatedly experienced a pattern where people or things try to place me in a position and pigeon-hole me. I experience such agenda as being- not just unacceptable but vile to the deepest parts of my core.

I notice that limitations are placed in many ways and many means. We think that it is our body and our circumstances that are restrictive. But people also highly influence us. They show us what is acceptable behavior to them and expect us to emulate that behavior so they can become comfortable. But it feels often like putting on a coat that does not fit, you don’t like, and smells of something old and dead.

Over and over again, I watch people choose their past suffering as if it is somehow comfortable. What it is to me is barely bearable. And what kind of a life is that?

When we are young, we want to emulate those that love us and those that we look up to. And again, this is a level of brain development, we are creating neurological pathways that will allow us lay a foundation for what we want and like and who we are to become. And while those experiences are so important and a critical piece there is a level that you must stand on the shoulders of your foundation, honor those who have helped you define those important things in your life, but then rearrange those stones in the manner of your liking. And yes, it is a lot of work to do that. A type of work that many would rather not do and stay asleep and numb. I have never been able to do that.

I have had so many try to define me as something that is there to help them become great.

But I am great! And I believe you are a great too. You have to rearrange those stones to discover your creative greatness within. Some stones you have to throw away because they were given to you by another but not something that you need in this life. And that is often very hard.

My father told me that I was supposed to be an engineer like him. He wanted me to go back to school and get a “Real Job”. I see it as a concern for him that he wanted me to be safe and secure so he did not have to worry about me. But I took those stones and turned them into being an engineer for consciousness. I wanted to understand the structure of enlightenment and understanding.

You have stones within the can be retooled and reformed into what will inspire your greatest.

I have a chisel and a hammer. You are welcome to use them.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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