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Numerology/Astrology for 5/14/20

5/14/20 is the number 5. If you add the 5 + 1 +4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 14. 1 + 4 = 5.

Today, a Physical Body/Earth Day with the number 5, I wonder what it will take for humanity to come back together in unity to support this world and the life on it? It is clear that a pandemic is not enough. Shocking as that sounds. So what is next? I worry about that question? In the process of the world finding out what it will take for humanity to care more about this earth than themselves and ego, I expect life to continue to challenge us in ways that we never expected. Regardless it is important to stay grounded. Focus on what you can do that makes a better world. Feed your family great meals, exercise together, take walks, play and cuddle with the pets in your life, laugh and watch movies, and keep family close. Because what we tend to remember are those moments of togetherness. Those moments when family was the most important thing.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius can bring up things such as health problems, exhaustion, and disagreements. Take the time for yourself that is necessary for you to regroup.

The moon in Aquarius trines Venus in Gemini. Remember to be adaptable and courteous. A cheerful mood will go a long way. Conflicts are not going to help in any way.

The Moon will go into Pisces in the evening shifting the focus into a more sensitive place where you take a look at your personal emotional state of mind. Meditation is important today and it is clear that tomorrow you will want to prioritize around what your body and soul needs to regenerate.

As you are getting ready for sleep the Moon in Pisces will conjunct Mars in Pisces. This can make some people hot under the collar, irritable, and violent. You will notice quite a bit of inner tension. Know that this type of stress can make you vulnerable to illness. Immune systems become compromised when there is a build-up of too much stress.

The Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn at bedtime. You need the sleep for a stronger vitality tomorrow. With the right energy, you can achieve great things.

Jupiter goes retrograde and you are going to be rethinking a lot of things as eventually all the planets go retrograde. Goals have already shifted and they will continue to modify throughout the summer.

Life is teaching us a new perspective and continue to alter the areas of excess that do not really help anything.

The planets going retrograde reminds us that we are still supposed to be slowing down. Whether you want to shift things more rapidly or not is not the issue. Clearly at this time, getting what we want is an issue that is not going to work at this time. Allow the process to unfold slowly. While you long for a normal reality this is where we are at in this moment.

Tomorrow there will be a Sun-Pluto Trine and this makes you want to be more efficient and organized.

~Suzanne Wagner~~Suzanne Wagner~


“I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.”

“Less is only more when more is no good.”

“The Mother Art is architecture.
Without an architecture of our own
we have no soul of our own civilization.”

~Frank Lloyd Wright~


I put up the quotes today from Frank Lloyd Wright because I was thinking about the architecture of this moment, this world, and this reality. And I wonder what our children’s children will think of us as they reflect back on our decisions and choice right now.
I think how this moment will be taught in schools as an example of what to not do and (hopefully) what to do later on. I imagine how many dissertations will be written in the study of psychology about humanities methods of navigating patterns of brain dysfunction.
I imagine how the neuro-psychologists are having a hey-day about the study of brain development and manifestations of dysfunction, as well as, versions of PTSD. It is a field day in the realms of studying humanity on so many levels.
Perhaps that is how best to move through this, observing it as a study in human brain development and the patterns of neurological dysfunction and the development of psychosis and delusions.

I watched the patterns of dysfunction in my own family on many levels, angles, and lines. I believe that we all have patterns that we are here to overcome and awaken too. I believe that denial is a pattern of brain dysfunction. I believe that learning to navigate such a dense and dualistic world is extremely difficult and fraught with patterns that can pull the mind out of functionality and co-existence into rage and harmful and violent tendencies.

But I believe that peace is the natural state of being and where the mind wishes to go. I believe that nature shows us the way through the self-created chaos that the mind tries to manifest. I know that humanity needs a level of inner peace more than ever before.
I watched my mother work through patterns from her childhood and the terrible abuse that she suffered. I saw the level of commitment that she had to unravel the many pieces of distortion and dysfunction that her psychotic, alcoholic, and Tourette’s Syndrome mother had given her. I saw the level of determination she had at getting to the  bottom of her own dysfunction. I admire that in her. She was determined to figure out what was hers, what wasn’t, what was true, and what was the lie.
I watched her work with an amazing Psychiatrist for 19 years to get through it all. To me that shows you the level of suffering that a dysfunctional parent can inflict upon a child because a child’s mind is forming neurological pathways and if that child is told something over and over again that is false, it creates false pathways that lead to false conclusions again and again. And that is how loops happen. That is how you can get caught in your own mind. Trapped in repeating patterns of dysfunction that manifest a lifetime of illusions and distortions. Many never do the work to get out of those patterns and continue to harm others with their distortions. That is how karma is created.

My father used to say “People don’t really change! People can change. They have the ability to change. But most personalities are set in stone from childhood and no matter how much you try to help them they will continue to doggedly hold onto certain patterns and refuse to change them, even when those patterns are hurting themselves and others. They can even see that they are hurting others but they still will continue the pattern.”
I personally am committed to forms of healing that allow for my personal growth and evolution. I recognize why we have past lives because figuring this out in one go would be next to impossible. I recognize that everyone is working through many patterns that they see, many that they refuse to see, and many that they are unable to see.  ~Suzanne Wagner~




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