May 14, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/15/15
Today is the number 10 and it is time to pick yourself up (yes, again) and begin again. In life you have to be willing to let yesterday be yesterday, and let today be an infinite new possibility. I know you are thinking in your head, “Seriously? Again?” The answer is always the same, “Yes!” Life is always about one more thing. It never ends until you die. It is a constant game of adjustment. The moment you choose to no longer adapt to the shifting tides is the day you begin to die. So let’s live! Grab that new thing and embrace the unknown. Why not? What do you have to loose? You loose much more when you become frozen, rigid, and stuck in a limited reality. That is what kills your heart and soul. So let go of the pity party and try again. It isn’t really that bad. It just isn’t what you thought. The ego lives in an unending space of unreasonable expectations. The soul sees through the attachment and into the heart that honors and loves in every moment. Early into the day, Mars perfects its opposition to Saturn, and you may be dealing with a reality check or slow down. However, you can rebuild enthusiasm and have a stronger sense of reality, as there is a spontaneous Aries Moon all day. The Moon aligns with Uranus this morning, and your desire for change is stimulated. This is a time for keeping your schedules and minds open, as you are emotionally geared to embrace new things and to break the usual routine. You are following your own instincts and intuition. This is a time for experimentation and improvisation. Jupiter and Chiron are moving towards a creative aspect (exact on the 18th), and Mars is quintile bringing good energy for coming to new solutions to problems, thinking up original and possibly marketable ideas, and breaking through fears and limitations in order to make improvements. You are also moving towards a Venus-Neptune trine that is opening up your intuition and imagination.

~Suzanne Wagner~
The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.

~Eckhart Tolle~


Ego wants to think that others do things to us out of a lack of love and respect. That is never the case. I had a teacher tell me to give people more credit than they deserve in a particular moment. What he meant was that humanity is chronically imperfect and fails at being fully present often. What you are so attached to is your passion and a part of your life’s purpose and journey. It is difficult for anyone else to fully understand that attachment or passion. But the mistake that people make is to believe that that thing or attachment is who they are. That thing is one small representation to who you are but it will ultimately fail in revealing the spectacular soul that inhabits that body of yours. Your job is to let go of what you have identified with and remind yourself to look outside your reality to the love that is being offered instead of what you perceive as a lacking in others response to you. It is up to you to show the wonder and magnificence of your fully awakened self. But people can only see to the level of their own awareness or understanding of a particular thing. That is why great teachers and Buddha’s walk among us and unfortunately many never see them. Who knows you might be one of those sleeping Buddha’s. Let yourself begin to awaken today.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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