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Numerology/Astrology for 5/15/17

5/15/17 is the number 3. What does it take to stay positive when you see such suffering in the world? It is difficult to stay grounded and functioning in a world that seems to be tearing itself apart. But that is what you have to do in the face of great destructive forces. You have to remember that when there has been great denial and avoidance it takes huge events to shatter the illusions that have kept people out of touch with what the Divine intends for them. So, in a way the destruction is positive …. Eventually. No one wishes to be in such times but it is the way of life. When, as a soul, you refuse to be a part of this reality, you will then lose touch with what is real and truth. In such a moment you have two choices, to wake up and deal with the pain of the honesty and reflection that is necessary to grow or you go a bit insane. You create a fantasy world and disconnect further from the reality. There you might live for a short or long time but inevitably you have to return to your home in the real world. With the number 3 you feel that polarity within you. You have been noticing that there are moments when you cannot deal with anything else and choose to ignore and just go back into your old reality bubble that worked so well for so long. But without fail, the universe cannot let you live there long. Life is about adapting to the constantly changing landscape. You evolve by learning to adapt. Only by adapting can you continue to thrive in this density. Shutting down is a beginning of dying. And yes, we often are slowly dying in small ways from upsets and wounding’s. But it takes just one moment of willingness to open. Make today’s mantra, “I am willing to see the whole truth.” Then see what happens.
Astrologically, things are getting more and more stirred up and there are outside forces coming together to defy change to those that are feeling deeply discontented. But the discontent is stronger than the collusion. There is an energy that is allowing for more grounding as some that have been hesitant are now finally joining in and voicing their real feelings. It is scary to stand up and be heard especially when there are aggressive voices that yell hate and bigotry. But this is America and I believe in the force of democracy that will shift the corruption from the present position which is crumbling into a powerful wave that cannot be stopped. This is America and we are Americans and we have been that tidal wave that has shifted this world out of the barbarism of the autocrats and the tyranny of the past and I do know that as a people we will not go back.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Hard times build determination and inner strength.
Through them we can also come to appreciate the uselessness of anger.
Instead of getting angry, nurture a deep caring and respect for troublemakers because by creating such trying circumstances they provide us with invaluable opportunities to practice tolerance and patience.

~Dalai Lama~


What scares me about where we are at this time is the abject denial of some people to the truth of what is happening. I marvel at the mechanism of self-deception that has to go on internally in people when over and over again, the truth is revealed and there are so many obvious deceptions happening that are not glossed over but blaringly obvious (to any normal person) and yet still some cling to a fantasy that can only exist in their mind because nowhere else can it really exist. The rigidity and aggression to which they cling to that fantasy even when they have nothing to stand on is like a grip of a drowning person grabbing onto the person of their fantasy even when that person is also drowning. And they somehow believe that that person of their fantasy can save them. It is actually very frightening to witness that level of denial in this day and age where we believe that we have become educated to have rational thought. This type of denial is something that can cause illness and exhaustion because it takes tremendous energy to maintain such an illusion in the harsh reality confronting them. I shudder to think what will happen when, like a tidal wave, the emotion when they experience the breaking of that perceptual bubble and truth surpasses the self-induced lie. Some may never believe what is right in front of them or blend into the reality in which most actually live and thrive. Some will shrink their beliefs into the darkness of their own shadow to wait for another day to find some tidbit of information that they can use to validate their toxic belief. Some will lash out with a level of violence that only happens when the frontal lobe is not strong enough to balance out the tribal reactive “kill” instinct of the primal brain. All options are terrible because they cause so much suffering either to themselves or to others. It is actually so much easier to admit that you were lied to and told exactly what you needed to hear to gain your acceptance and loyalty. It is so much easier and actually much less destructive to awaken from your bubble and allow for a level of mental development to happen that will help you not become fooled again. It is easier to let the shame and fear that you have been hiding from to wash over you and then to allow for a type of honest vulnerability to show your authentic wounded self.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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