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Numerology/Astrology for 5/15/21                       

5/15/21 is the number = 7

Add the 5 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 16. Or 1 + 6 = 7.

The Number 7 allows us to look at what is really necessary to open back up again after this virus.

This number likes plans and strategies that allow us to find the next level of balance forward. So much has changed. So much is not the same. It is hard to trust when we still see so much chaos happening in Brazil and India. We wonder how their process will impact us and the rest of the world.

I like caution.

This number 7, says; “Think things through.”

Personally, in very public spaces like grocery stores and government buildings, I will still wear a mask.

With my friends and family that are vaccinated, I will lighten up and not be so severe or strict.

I would love for this to be over, but I know that many places are still on big lockdowns. Many of my friends in Europe still do not have vaccines or even that option.

I think each person needs to weigh the risks for themselves.

I don’t want another extended lockdown. I know I am not the only one.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


Mars and Saturn will quincunx in the morning. It may feel like you can’t get a routine or a rhythm going. Don’t force anything. It will not help.

Notice where there are internal or external fears and indecisions holding you back from being decisive.

With the oil and gas problems in the east, it is easy to think the glass is half empty.

More and more, each of us must be more awake and careful. I know that I am tired of all the internet updates. It is exhausting, time-consuming, and frustrating. Especially as my internet is not as fast as if I lived in a big city. Downloads take hours, not minutes. I will take advantage while I am at my mother’s house and do it all with her faster internet in Spokane.

So much to deal with on a daily level. Things are taking more time than we want. Desires have to be put to the side for the moment in favor of just getting things done.

Know that all plans will need to be adjusted.

At least the Moon is trying to comfort us in Cancer. Seek out family and those things that are familiar. Be still and quiet. Try not to overthink, but you will need to act. And act quickly.

Some of you may want to stay in bed with a good book and pull up the covers.

It may not be a bad idea for the weekend.

~Suzanne Wagner~



When is it time?

You may never know.

One moment you are here.

And the next you will go.

But your energy survives

and continues on.

Your body is weak

but your soul is strong.

Your soul is awakened and

conscious regardless of time and space.

Your soul is filled with such

amazing grace.

Never give up and

never let go.

Your experiences and

memories are always in tow.

~Suzanne Wagner~





Well, yesterday was an adventure. I am so glad that I am one of those drivers that never…ever….takes their eyes off the road. I was in the rolling grassy areas of Dalles in Oregon. And I nearly had a head-on with a Semi. I was on a two -ane highway north of Bend, and I was going the speed limit. (Thank God!)

I came around a blind curve with double yellows and gravel on the shoulder that was quickly going to end and drop off 4 feet.

Only to see a Semi trying to pass another semi going uphill with double yellow (Do Not Pass) lines.

It was one of those moments that you instantly have angels talking in your head, calmly, and everything slows down.

I can see that if I am going to have any gravel shoulder to get out of the way, I will have to do it right then. I could see the shoulder was going to run out about 100 ft in front of me, and then there would be no shoulder and a 3-4 foot drop-off that would roll my car. And I was listening to my book on Audible.

I hit my breaks, realized that the driver of the Semi could not hit his brakes fast enough to get back behind the other Semi because he was completely level with the one he was passing.

It was a completely blind curve.

I never had time to look at either driver. I was calculating in my mind how much I had to get over before the shoulder was gone. My guides said I had just enough time. I calmly steer my car entirely onto the gravel shoulder, hitting my brakes hard on the pavement and just enough on the gravel to have control. Angels were talking to me the whole time.

What amazed me was that my heart never skipped a beat, never raced, was steady as a rock.

It happened so fast that no one even honked or had time to honk.

I was over on the shoulder (A brand new one, thank you very much!) with 10 feet to spare before it disappeared and dropped 3 feet down.

I have had many near-death experiences, and I want to say that one was way too close for comfort.

If I had not reacted immediately when I did, I would have had a head-on collision. That truck driver would have had no options but to hit me. As it was, he raced past me, missing me by inches.

I was thanking my angels non-stop for the next hour of driving.

One of my nine lives got checked off yesterday. Not that I still have all of those Nine Lives.

There was the time in New York City… Check 1.

The time I almost died of Pneumonia in Berlin … Check 2.

The time in the military takeover in Suriname … Check 3.

The time in Argentina … Check 4.

The time in SLC … Check 5.

The Times in Peru … Check 6 and 7.

And this time … Check 8.

Yikes! I am running out of lives. Perhaps I get some bonus ones for good behavior!

Zen Sensei’s tell me that when WWIII starts, they want to be standing right next to me.

I asked, “why?”

And they said that I have such great angels protecting me that I never seem to die.

I agreed with them then, and I agree with them now.

I joke that no one upstairs is letting me out of this game early.

I have always known that this life was about reliving and releasing past life-death trauma.

And I have had many smaller events that were much less of a crisis.

But that one….. Whew!

Just shows how fast any of us can end up leaving the planet.

You never know when it is your time.

It was not my time yesterday.

Stay safe, everyone. And remember to love everyone while you can.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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