May 25, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 5/16/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/26/18


5/26/18 is the number 6. The number 6 asks you to get still and be in a place of peace before you speak. So much astrology today is going to make you want to react from ego rather than from truth or clarity. Remember, opinion is not necessarily truth. We are in a time where actively seeking truth from a calm center and a meditative stillness is essential to being clear moving forward. It is time to tear down the paper walls of lies. It is time to recognize the charisma that those with personality disorders can have in manipulating the common man into the illusions that they wish you to see. We have become a world that is hypnotized and mesmerized by what we see and hear on television, the internet, etc. Because of the lack of good schooling that teaches how to think, and problem solve, on a rational level, humanity is in this mess. The tearing down of deception and lies requires a restructuring of many things. Honesty being required in all News Channels is one of them and consequences for not holding to the laws of truth and respect for humanity need to be severe. When people are taught from an early age to believe in illusions and live lives based on those illusions that is where the danger lies. Because if you believed a series of lies that formed the base of your personality, those neurological patterns are forever in your brain patterning. Then you have a consistent weakness and are vulnerable to other lies that come into play. This is where meditation is so important. Self-awarenesss is acquired through patience and inward focus. Only then can you begin to see the lies and the deception that has been inflicted upon yourself and then you inflicted upon others.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today


Be very careful about pushing your ideas and opinions on others with this Venus opposing Saturn. It is time to watch what you say and how you say it. Mars in Aquarius has riled up a lot of things and so don’t let your ego get out of control and need to be right. There are a lot of relationship issues up at the moment. You have to learn to control what you say. With the Sun Trine Mars if you look carefully at what you are saying before you say it, it will be much better. Mercury forms minor tense aspects with both Saturn and Venus. This can be a day of harsher criticism than usual and a tendency to see things skeptically or negatively. Try to not let it get you down. You want clarity now, but you may be focusing too much on the practical side of relationships and emotions and failing to see the bigger picture. You can be quite sensitive to what you perceive as rejection. But rejection is how you learn and how you question your actions and choices. The Moon finishes its transit of Libra and enter Scorpio mid morning. The Scorpio Moon is intense, tenacious, tough, and perceptive. Learn to use it positively rather than using this emotional energy to lash out at others.

~Suzanne Wagner~




You are living
in a world
of paper walls
and lies
~Suzanne Wagner~




I can feel the shift from the “Liberal Left” as it moves more and more towards action. (Meaning myself and so many other rational human beings that believe in the ideals of the American Constitution.), “We the People” have literally had enough. There is so much spiritual arrogance being thrown around by those that believe they have the right to hurt others because of their fear and prejudice, that “We the People” (Yes, we are the real people of America) who live and abide by the words of our great Constitution are not going to tolerate such hatred and lies any more. Each of “us” have known that there were those out there with dysfunctional beliefs and we believed in your “right” to have those beliefs.

Honestly, we also believed that some of you would “grow up” eventually and recognize the layers of fear you have been living in, hidden by that huge ego of protection, that shows itself, as self-righteousness. But now that ego has gotten way out of control. Let’s be clear. You have the right to believe what you want. You do not have the right to hurt others, destroy the Constitution of this country, nor to bend it into some unrecognizable distortion of your lies. You do not have the right to be cruel. You do not have the right to break the laws of this country. You do not have the right to create murder and mayhem to make your delusional point. You do not have the right to change the rules created by the Founding Fathers.

The rules of this country have protected your right to live in your little bubble. But now, you have shown your true colors and who you really are deep inside. That is now become a global projection of all the individual dysfunction. And that has become something very dark and very dangerous. Your thoughts have created a matrix of evil and your thoughts feed and continue to give life to something from the darkest depths of disparity. You are not just a danger to this world but also to yourself. And that is what you cannot see past, because of that huge lens that your ego has placed in front of your eyes. Those who believe such terrible things are being consumed by darkness and are going to find out that they are not in alignment with the greater good. They are not in alignment with this country and the founding fathers. They are not helping heal this world. They are trying to destroy it. And it is not okay. And the good people of this country will put a stop to this.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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