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Numerology/Astrology for 5/16/18

5/16/18 is the number 5. What is real? That is the question right now. Reality is going to come crashing down in an abrupt and hard way if you have been living in La-La Land. There is too much astrologically in earth signs now and winter signs. The winter aspect makes things a cold, harsh, and bitter pill to swallow. The earth signs make the reality the focus rather than your dreams or illusions. This moment shows that dreams are wonderful but manifesting them in the world is where you have a test of truth and congruence. If something is not based on the rules and laws of this time and place it will often fail or need to wait until another time and place where the proper pieces of the puzzle align in a more congruent fashion. Find your passion and then do something about it. That is the way to knowing that you are learning how to master this physical domain.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Astrology Today

Mars enters Aquarius early today and just when it gets in, it forms a square to Uranus, which just changed signs yesterday. This is a moment of a total new beginning. Mars will be in Aquarius until August 12th when it retreats into Capricorn but will return to Aquarius from September 10th to November 15th. Mars typically spends about two months in a sign but will spend much longer in Aquarius due to an upcoming retrograde (Mars will retrograde from June 26th to August 27th). So, expect the summer to be uniquely intense and potentially volatile.

With the Mars-Uranus square starting the day off, you are inclined to assert your independence in abrupt and forceful ways. Under this influence, you can be tempted to take risks or to act on impulses without considering consequences. You might feel impatient with any type of restrictions or anyone projecting some sort of limitation on you. You might feel rebellious and want to go against any established norms. Especially those you think are outdated, or anything that requires you to turn a blind eye and just suck it up. Expect changes in your work schedules. Life’s circumstances could challenge you in a way that you may need to redirect your energy or alter your goals. Energy is stop-and-go, and it can be hard to focus on only one activity. There seems to be an inner tension that wants some sort of release.

With Mars in Aquarius, the tendency is to let go only if you can totally “get behind” or believe in what you are doing. Be careful that you are not overthinking it as you need to feel as clear in the direction as possible before you take the time and energy to move. Find that crusaders for your ideas at this time. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Gemini, stimulating your curiosity and encouraging movement, communication, and connection.

~Suzanne Wagner~




The Universe is asking …
Show me a new reality,
And I will show you how
to make that reality

~Suzanne Wagner~




I bow my head in prayer for those suffering at the hands of totalitarian leaders who are not looking to the future of peace but a future of war and conflict. I pray for mind who understand the huge importance of education for everyone in the world. And the understanding of true history. Not the history that was written by the winners. I pray for the honest communication that makes people uncomfortable and squirm. I pray for the raw truth that has the ability to stop the repeating of the past again and again, and that continues the suffering of so many. I pray for minds that think beyond themselves. I pray for humanity to grow up and step beyond the narcissism of childishness that has infected this beautiful world. I pray for the strength of this world to heal itself again and again while our selfishness tortures and abuses this great planet. I pray for humanity to step beyond hatred and prejudice. I pray for the peace that can welcome in a new time and a new age for all that live on this beautiful planet.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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