May 16, 2015

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problemsolutionsNumerology/Astrology for 5/17/15
Today is the number 3. Let the positive side of life shine through it all today. Let those cloudy thoughts and murky emotions be broken apart with the light and energy that is available. But get ready because Mercury is going retrograde tomorrow and you might feel that that sunny disposition is going to be really needed because Mercury tends to make you review what you have already done and refine your strategy. That is because you are encountering hassles and sanfus of all sorts during the Mercury Retrograde. The good news is that the Mars/Saturn opposition is breaking apart and those intense planets are separating. Your world view has radically changed over the past few weeks (in case you did not notice) but know that your personal opinion is going to need to align with a greater world view if it is going to be heard right now. If you hold that your opinion is the only true one you are going to be sorry in a short period of time. Remember to breath and don’t say something that you are going to regret in just a moment. It might be best to hold that tongue. Things want to move but they feel like molasses right now and this next week has a lot in store so stay positive and know that it will feel as if things are piling up on you but just take each one as they come and you will move through it all (although probably a bit slowly).

~Suzanne Wagner~
You say the mind is blocking the Self.

Can the mind block the Self?

What watches blocked mind?

Is there anything that the mind is blocking that you need to see?

You are always reporting about what you are looking at, but the important thing is:

Where are you looking from? And who are you looking as?

This is your moment to look from This as This itself.

The great Saint Frances of Assisi said:

What we are looking for is where we are looking from.

Rumi also said: Knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside.

I am not here giving you 10 steps to follow.

I am pointing you to the stepless Truth.

You must discover THAT inside yourself.

I point you to That, where you can never not be.

Something has brought you to this.

Here is your opportunity, an invitation to jump into in the ocean of your own being,

which is here and now—your very Self.

Your part, our part from my view, is to say inside your heart:

Yes, take me!

Yes, replace me with You. Merge my mind in You.

And this ‘You’ is who?

The Satguru within your own Self.

It is not a person. It is not an object.

Then you will know that this is your mighty existence!

~Mooji~to change the World.



You are worth so much more than what you feel you are unworthy of. You are worthy of everything that you will allow to come into you. We focus on the problem and that problem seems enormous. But step into the part that notices the problem and placed it there for you to step out of problem solving and into the miracle of what you are creating right now in this moment. If there is a problem you created it. Why? What does this problem allow you to do? Perhaps stop and take a break. Perhaps you needed a strong thing to make you change and shift your reality radically. Take your own hint. Change and choose fully and completely. You will discover that there are gifts from your higher self in all obstacles and things you have defined as a problem.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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