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Numerology/Astrology for 5/17/20

5/17/20 is the number 8. If you add the 5 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8.

Where there is a will, you will always find a path that does not seem obvious or even possible. I know that many feel as if we have stepped off any recognizable path and are “bush-whacking” our way through unknown territories. Some are completely making their own paths and that is recommended at this time. When you go off the path that someone else established, while it might be safe, you miss out on the adventure that can take you into the magic and mysteries of life.

The number 8 is the number of death and the abyss. This can be literal or metaphorical. I think when you go “off road” you confront the fear of the unknown and the potential for many forms of death. Following the paths of others gives a feeling of safety that you will get to where you are going. But when you go your own way and cut your own path, every day you deal with the fear that you could be lost, fail, and even die.

Each of us at this time are feeling just that. Each day is an unknown. Each day you have no idea how bad or good it could be. Each day you watch other countries struggling to keep going. Each day you discover that you need much less than you thought. It is clear that your old world is very dead and a new world with a functional structure is still forming.

Life is a highly destructive process. We are not invincible. We are in a critically vulnerable state as we walk up this new steep mountain that has never had a path cut into it before. No sense in quaking in your boots. Be bold, be brave, take the risk, and reclaim your aliveness.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon moves from Pisces into Aries in the morning. Sunday is a high energy day with the Moon moving into athletic Aries and the life-giving Sun making a harmonious trine to express the feeling that “I want more” because of the expansive and optimistic planet, Jupiter. You’ve got a little bit of the get up and go feeling so get moving but don’t overextend yourself.

There is an intention to feel optimism and the potential to manifest good things under this astrology. You want to improve yourself  and discover what really makes you happy. There is a moment of cooperation. Take advantage of that while you have it. Rise above the pettiness of others.

Later in the day there is a Mercury-Jupiter sesquiquadrate that will compel some to make decisions that are impulsive and not well thought through. Once again perceptions will distort over the news and what people want to believe. There are things that are very important. Do not ignore them when they happen. Justice is not expected in the larger arena of government. That is why you have to move through your life in a just and conscious way.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Destruction of ego,

releases the wildness within.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I have watched my life be a process of building ego and destroying that same ego. I believe that is an essential process. The building of ego is to learn how to build power within. It helps you hone your focus and discover the power of intention put into manifestation. Building ego helps you to find confidence. But eventually you have to watch the destruction of that very same ego. There are moments when you need ego in this plain of existence just to survive. I know that Wayne Dyer said that after working to embrace his ego again and again, in the end he believed “That no matter what ego needed to be destroyed”.
I understand what he is talking about from my own battles with ego. And I agree that there is an evolutionary process that becomes clear that ego is not needed when you embrace a level of authenticity. When you are comfortable in your own skin there is no need for any layers of protection or shielding (which is the ego’s job).
I have watched in amazement teachers and spiritual leaders who seem to have stepped past ego and into that authentic space. But the lure of power and control seem to draw most of them back into places of ego. The arrogance comes roaring back and locks in even harder. Some never escape it. That reoccurrence of ego is something to be vigilant and aware of in each moment. In this domain I do not believe we can completely eradicate ego. But I believe that some may be able to step past the levels of ego that like to “puff up and bluff”. The quest for authenticity is the key to freedom from ego. I think when you try to “kill” something off, it tends to hide and resist. Then, when you are not looking, it surges back. Instead, learn to cultivate a positive trait, such as authenticity. That might be strengthened to the point that it displaces the other ego based identification and allow for movement past the self-importance of ego and into something that is more connected and real.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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