May 19, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 5/20/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/20/17

5/20/17 is the number 8. Personal power comes from being challenged. Personal integrity comes from standing up for something that is right regardless of the opinions of others. You must stand up for things that do harm to life, humanity, and this earth. If you do not, you create an atmosphere that continues the suffering and grief that has allowed this planet to not progress to its potential. You always have a choice but those choices are difficult in the face of situations that are dangerous because of power plays of others. How many times did you stand for something and still lose? How many times did you win but lose people in your life or jobs? Truth demands a sacrifice. You are trustworthy when you know who you are and know what you will do when faced with challenges. When you choose to be out of the flow of life and love, the universe will give you sometimes a painful lesson in humility to realign and awaken you to where you got off the path of truth. This is the number of cause and effect. You are learning to see that your actions have consequences and unfortunately that is sometimes the only way you really learn.
On Friday, Venus is opposite Jupiter. This is not a difficult combination, but do be careful of overindulging in sensual pleasures. Consider whether or not you are living your highest philosophy in your relationships or sacrificing it for the illusion of short term peace. Pretending your core beliefs are not important for the sake of a relationship leads to behaviors that cannot be sustained over time. The moon is in Pisces all weekend, so see a good movie, have some fantasy romance or visit a watery location to meditate. A Sun-Venus semi-square occurring early in the day extends a discontented theme from yesterday a little while longer – what you want to do and think you should do can be at odds now. The Sun enters Gemini this afternoon, where it will transit until June 21st. Knowledge and diversity are the motivation with the Sun in Gemini. You will feel more sociable, intellectual, and curious under this influence. You tend to scatter your energies as a result of this curiosity and awareness of all of our options. We are more communicative and versatile, but you can also be unreliable or unfocused. The Moon is in Pisces all day, encouraging an intuitive, compassionate approach to the day. However, the Moon gets between an applying Mars-Saturn opposition that will occur exactly on the 29th. While this aspect is not officially in influence, you may begin to get a taste of it now as you may face blocks to expressing yourself. You may feel limited or restricted from going after what you want. However, your workarounds to blockages can be creative and open your eyes to new options so do your best to practice patience.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Inside each person is hidden darkness.
Those that you should trust…
know it is there.
Those that you should not trust
are the people that have chosen
to believe their own persona
that their ego created.
Those are the most dangerous.

~Suzanne Wagner~


And we are officially in the astrological energy for the next 3 months that I wish to call the “Freak out” moment. Yes, the energy is escalating and becoming more intense and strained. Where are we going? It could be anyone’s guess but I guarantee that it will not look like anything anyone has seen before. We are in uncharted waters on a number of levels. It is interesting to see even certain “teachers” fragmenting in defense of their choices and actions as they attempt to fall back into the “We just need to love everyone” mode. Now I believe that love is the way but it is also interesting to watch when your words and actions have not been in alignment, and you recognize that you are now going to have to eat your words, that you suddenly want everyone to “be nice and kind” to you because you are afraid and embarrassed by finally seeing the flaw in your decisions. I believe that kindness is a good thing. I believe that finding the compassion for others is essential in trying times. But I also believe in truth. And when you tell a child that had said things that hurt others that it is going to be okay and that they are loved without teaching them the consequences of their actions and choices …. You then create people that believe that they can do no wrong. And you breed a generation of narcissists. Everyone makes mistakes. Those mistakes shape who you have become. They give you your morals and values. Integrity comes at a cost. Just ask James Comey. You might lose a job but you have your integrity, morals, and values intact. I personally would prefer to live from that place. I stand with those attempting to stand up to deception and manipulation. I stand with those that believe that the integrity of our democracy is in danger. I stand with those who consider the implications of how their actions and words affect everyone not just themselves. I stand with a country and the values that make this country great. This was not how this great Republic was made. It was made to have checks and balances and those checks and balances are finally attempting to become more activated. I thank the creators of our Constitution.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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