May 2, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 5/2/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/2/20

5/2/20 is the number 11. If you add the 5 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.

The duality becomes more than obvious. Expansion is more possible when you can see both sides and see the connections that are happening between those apparently opposing positions. Today, you can (metaphorically) hold the Sun and Moon in each hand. You can see how the light and dark interact in order to expand perception and knowing.
You can see that truth must hold both.
You notice that wisdom cannot be acquired without being able to hold both perspectives equally and without judgement. And you see that the narrow world of the left brain, the ego, and the mind; does not have enough information to be able to give decent answers to such worldly and complex questions.
You are learning that trust is a choice in each moment. You recognize that it is not about trusting others but about learning, growing, and finding the willingness in your core to seek out the answers that are not easily or readily discovered.

You begin to see that the easy answers are always false or incomplete.
And that you can no longer exclusively live a life being fed information from the minds of others.
It never was about trusting others, the media, the internet, the news, the spiritual leaders, or the religious teachings. It is about learning… first. Seeking knowledge. And recognizing that you have to trust yourself and your ability to find out truth in all forms

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

After lunch today the Moon moves into the tidy, organizing sign of Virgo. You will feel very accomplished if you are willing to make a list, check it twice, and check things off your list as you go.
It feels good to get all those small nitsy details finished.
I know I keep chipping away at mine and somehow find others to do.
It is pleasantly shocking. LOL!
You are being encouraged to be open and innovative and take care of business. The bigger issues of the world will have to wait because the smaller and more personal matters are what is critical to you at this time.

Use the analytical qualities of this day to sort out what is essential.
But remember to not be critical of others doing their best to keep their own families safe. You have a lot of duties to perform. Don’t worry about the karmic and astrological patterns of others.

Mercury, Uranus and the Sun make you want to move. But you are supposed to be quarantined.
What is true for you? Know what has really transpired in this world. Do not allow others to use their manipulation to make up a truth. What you see is a horror and a tragedy. Do not let others tell you that everything is fine because it is not. And as we progress this summer that is going to become more obvious and clear.

The Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus. Give attention to your spiritual progression. You will need to go your own way to find the answers you seek. Find happiness in that journey. Be determined and let your imagination take you to new places.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Without hope there is no life.

Without hope humanity manifests strife.

Without compassion to see what’s so.

You cannot grow because you refuse to know.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology for May 2020

Mercury, Uranus and the Sun are conjuncting at the beginning of the month giving you a desire to get out and get into earth energy. But you are supposed to be quarantined. Sort of a tricky at the moment to navigate the energy that wants to move and the rules that tell you to stay put. You can find an alternative that satisfies both.

You probably feel like you want to plan a jailbreak. But remember to keep the social distancing. We are heading into the retrograde cycle that will last through the summer and so there is going to be some that want to do revisionist history as they talk. Don’t listen to those that lie.

Remember, what is really true. Know what has really transpired. Do not allow others to use their manipulation to make up the truth and color the horror of this moment into something that is a pretty lie.

Use this time to see what is really important to you. See that your old life was about promoting your ego not allowing your essence to move and have a full and magical life. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes you have to see the cords of your ego’s creation and recognize they are not really giving you what your soul needs to be happy.

You will be spending the next few months unraveling the patterns of your ego that no longer support you in the growth and joy that you want and deserve.

While some things will feel stuck in molasses (as all the planets begin to go retrograde over the next few months), it is going to be helpful to see things for what they are. Use that energy of reflection to help you see how much you have changed and grown. Notice that your priorities have radically shifted. And are going to continue to shift. Recognize that there are forces much greater than your mind and ego which are in play to teach everyone some big lessons.

Astrologically, we are so past the old, childish patterns of bargaining with the universe. It is not that you can’t ask for what you want. But before you do you might want to notice if the request is for a selfish end or one that serves the greater good. You know which one you should choose.

This month there are two bigger shifts that impact you.

The first is that the Nodes of the Moon move out of Cancer/Capricorn where they have been since November 2018 and into the Gemini/Sagittarius cycle. This starts May 4-5th. and will go until January 2022. That will make you feel as if you are getting out of a deep rut that you have been caught in around communication, truth, and integrity.

The fresh air of Gemini/Sagittarius will feel radically different and expand things into a new mission and purpose going forward. You become open to more ideas and you allow a new way of communicating to mature in your psyche.

It will be crystal clear that the old ways of thinking have created this painful world and just as clear that you will have to make radical changes also. Many more will not be glossing over lies. Take great care in getting the facts and details right. That last statement will actually become vital.

That fear, rush, hurry energy is revealed for what it is….fear. Fear of someone knowing the truth. Fear of being found out as wrong. Fear of change. Fear of not having control.

While fear has been controlling the narrative for a long time and there were those that felt that respect should be given no matter what… that is now over.

Respect needs to be earned. (I don’t care who anyone thinks they are.) And truth is still truth no matter what insanity someone wants to believe. And that emerging truth reveals all the insanity in the very bright light of Sagittarius.

There is a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th and it bring a sudden new awareness into our lives. It is a light that will focus on your relationship imbalances and flaws. This Moon harmonized with Neptune and Pluto giving you all the essential tools you will need to make the critical shifts. There may be spiritual discoveries that have an almost magical, yet, private and personal quality to them.

On May 11-14th, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter go retrograde. Such an aspect can be confusing and distracting. And Mercury and Mars will also both change signs and square each other at the same time. It is probably best to not make any big decisions right there.

You are going to look at all your relationships and finances in a very new light. You realize that what is happening radically shifts your priorities around both. Certain things will become clear that they are not the priority or are out of the reach of your budget. Relax. Let that thing go and know that there will be other opportunities later.

Relationships from your past may surface and healing and the desire to connect is reestablished in a more healthy way. While the old is gone, you can see that the soul connection remains and that those of your past have shaped you in amazing ways that have served who you have become. While things do not always work the way you might have wanted, now in this light they are revealed as a soul contract for growth and transformation.

Ambitious Mars goes into Pisces on the 13th and will be there until the end of June. Three planets that were in a triple alignment in Capricorn go retrograde. Pluto begins that journey on April 25. Saturn will go retrograde on May 10/11 and Jupiter will follow suit on May 14th. I hope this gives us a reprieve from the coronavirus and it will give us a chance to catch up. I am crossing my fingers and toes. Though my intuition says that we will be dealing with this through the end of this year. So stay protected and practice the tools that keep you and your family well.

The New Moon is on the 22nd and is in Gemini. Allow your curiosity to help you understand others. Stretch into healthy social engagement. This New Moon is happening as a Mercury-Venus alignment occurs and will give even more insight into your past relationships. Money matters arise and you have to take a long hard look at your current conditions and make some necessary adjustments.

Jupiter is going towards a quintile with Chiron (the wounded-healer-teacher) on the 23rd and is exact on June 1st. This is the first of two and the second one happens in November. This will help many see the struggles of others more personally and it will make many more willing to grow. These two planets are wholistic in their approach. That inclusiveness is essential for a broader global healing that is trying to take place. Past mistakes are seen as part of a bigger plan designed to awaken and allow others to change their perspective.

I see May as a month when there are more and more breakthroughs in awareness. Those that have been refusing to see what is right in front of them, finally begin to open and recognize what they have not wanted to see.

For some it will be quite painful because the reality is now personal. When things hit your own pocketbook and your families security and safety… that changes a lot of things.

It is easy to let distortion slide when you are not feeling personally, negatively impacted. But now, in May, it has become too personal and painful. That allows denial to no longer have a hold on the soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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