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Numerology/Astrology for 5/24/18


5/24/18 is the number 4. The number 4 teaches than in any moment that balance can be found and achieved if you are willing to do the steps necessary to stand in the center of observation and clarity rather than reaction and fear. It is challenging to do at this time because globally the fear and the anger is continuing to grow and getting caught up in the telepathic agreement of this world at this time is extremely difficult because of how governments and humanity is responding to situations. It takes great determination to stand against a wave of thought and fear. But that is really the only choice that leads to sanity. Choose balance over fear. Choose communication from a place of compassion rather than justification.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Astrology Today

The Moon will be in Virgo until early afternoon, when it enters Libra. This Libra Moon wants to create order and a way to focus the continued emotional chaos with this Libra Moon. So Yes, it is time to put order into your home because order in your mind is going to much more difficult. They say that clutter in your home is a reflection of depression and a mind that is not in control of its environment. Clearing out that clutter and organizing things is what the universe has in mind today. In that process remind yourself to make things pretty also. Beauty feeds us. Fresh flowers in the house bring more beauty into your awareness. You will be more able to put aside your darker and more intense emotions if you create an environment that is organized and beautiful. Decisions seem to still not come as easily as you would like. Be honest and own that what is stopping you and making you hesitate is your fear of losing the approval of others.

Jupiter and Neptune are reaching a trine for the second time, while Jupiter is in Scorpio, the first one happened in December 2017, and the final one will happen in August 2018. Idealistic and humanitarian goals or impulses surface now. Widening your mind through stretching out of the normal way you operate in the world is where you should focus now. Generosity and compassion can increase today. This will inspire your faith. Giving you a much needed, lift up. You are going to have to make personal sacrifices for what you believe in the greater good. It is important to practice now because more is going to be asked of you in the future. Do your best to stay in alignment with the practical side of life also.

~Suzanne Wagner~




“Find ecstasy within yourself.
It is not out there.
It is in your innermost flowering.
The one you are looking for is you.
You are the traveler
and you are the destination.
In experiencing the ecstasy
of your own being,
you have achieved the final goal.”





I want to start by saying that in my personal life I am very happy, and I have a very blessed life. I wanted to start there because I have been having dreams that reflect that, in the dreams, others are coming up to me in great distress and fear. On the psychic level of reality there is a level of fear and anger that is unprecedented in my experience in this life. Now, anyone who has been reading by blogs and astrology knows that I keep saying what a precarious time we are in and that every choice and decision being made by each of you is leading up to a cataclysmic event in January of 2020. Now while no one can completely predict what that might look like the astrology is very plain to see and many other astrologers and psychics are trying (like myself) to give a warning before we get there. I think that we are hoping that we can turn the tide of hatred towards a more functional and balanced reality rather than this deceptive and hateful toxic soup that we have been dealing with in the world. If we cannot figure out how to do that then I believe that we are in big trouble. What that might look like has the full range and spectrum. Perhaps Fukishima will kill the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps there is a war. Perhaps the weather will change so drastically, and the environmental issues will become so powerful and dramatic that tens of millions will suffer dire consequences as their houses are swallowed up by the melting oceans. I don’t know how it will pan out, but I know that we are in a most critical time when each individual choice we make can have a huge impact on this world. Denial is not an option because denial leads to consequences that could be dire, even if not for yourself but for others, life in general, and the world. I know that I have tried, like many of you, to contact our representatives and it is such a frustrating thing to recognize how our pleas fall on deaf ears that will not listen to the people but are only interested in padding their wallet. We all knew that there was a level of corruption in government but the level that we are not witnessing is so startling and shocking that many feel trapped and hopeless. But you can’t give up hope yet. You have to vote, and this next election is critical for how bad…bad could get. I hope that each of you finds it in your soul a priority to vote and to change the balance back to sanity. We cannot feed those borderline personalities that believe crazy and illusion-based reasoning, such as, the world is really flat, and the holocaust did not happen. We cannot allow truth to be highjacked by people who are not of sound mind and body. It is up to you and you have one great power in your pocket and that is to vote. Please vote. Thank you.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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