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Numerology/Astrology for 5/26/20

5/26/20 is the number 8. If you add the 5 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 17.
1 + 7 = 8.
Take a moment to breathe in the springtime. The weather is warming up and there is a change in the air as we move towards the full-fledged springtime. My garden is the best it has ever been. We have mended fences to keep deer out and there is much to appreciate if you look past the obvious. Everyone needs to remember to breathe. The number 8 is about Prana (breath in Yoga). Inhaling and exhaling is your body constantly embracing the process of life (breathing in) and death (breathing out). In every moment your body embraces both. It is time that our minds and hearts do the same. There are many things right now that seem hard and there are many that are deeply suffering because of the many cascading factors in this world. You have to learn in life how to cope when things are not optimal. While that is hard, it is your ego that makes such moments more difficult. Notice your control patterns and habits that are disrupted right now because of all this. Notice that on many levels you are okay and safe. Notice you do not have (perhaps) the things you want but notice what you actually need to survive and thrive. Egos are learning to take a backseat to the soul. And I believe that is a good thing. The ego is there to protect the soul … not to control that same soul. Can you retain your wildness and freedom within without being able to do the things that used to define you? Of course you can. Wildness lives within each of us. Some are afraid of that wildness and stuff it deep inside to wait for perfect conditions. And only then will they let it out. That is not the best way. In some, you can see that wildness in the eyes that are observing and watching everything … missing nothing. A hunter watching prey even when that prey is behind glass. A wild hunter watches for the patterns and behaviors in this world and notice those sequences. They familiarize themselves with the unique characteristics of others and makes mental notes that are useful for another time. Real wildness is patient, calculating, and present. It does not require a particular set of “perfect” circumstances. Because real wildness takes opportunity when it presents. Real wildness can manifest opportunity by being totally aware and present. And real wildness is forever free inside regardless of the man-made circumstances in life.

Breathe in that naturally occurring wildness in your soul. I guarantee that any sadness or depression will fall away in the process.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Moon in Cancer, check in with those you love. Check in with your own heart. Know that sometimes everyone needs just a little care and touch.
The Moon opposes Pluto and then later Jupiter. You may feel the karmic tension building. Life is demanding more from you in very different ways than ever before. You have much to do. Take those challenges on with gusto and embrace each and every moment. You are being given a rare opportunity to step past your habits. If there was ever a moment that you could become who you really wanted to be, then this is that moment. I am sure such a moment will not come again once this shifts. Perform all responsibilities with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.
Realize that your relationships are still there for you but you will have to find those places inside that feel pride in your accomplishments. Put effort into all those things that matter the most to you.
Mercury forms a quincunx to Jupiter today and you might hesitate and waver in your convictions and confidence. Know that all choices are not optimal but they can be wholly satisfying if you commit, decide and then act.
There might be a few things that you take on that are too much and too hard. That is okay. Stop and re-evaluate things and then try again or let it go. Knowing the details is critically important before you take certain things on.
The Moon will go into Leo as you fall asleep tonight. But tomorrow it will give you much more confidence and ways to express yourself. This Moon reminds all of us that life is one big stage and we are all just actors playing parts in this show. Notice what part you are playing. If you do not like it, then change your character into a hero or a villain (depending on your mood and needs).

~Suzanne Wagner~


Real wildness is patient,

calculating, and present.

It does not require a particular

set of “perfect” circumstances.

Because real wildness takes

opportunity when it presents.

Real wildness can manifest

opportunity by being totally

aware and present.

And real wildness is forever free

inside regardless of the man-made

circumstances in life.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Have you ever walked across one of those long rickety bridges in the middle of nowhere? They are always placed over those treacherous rivers and chasms in the most remote of places with no other options. Those things scare me to death. I have had to talk myself across. I have to look straight ahead and never, ever look down. There are moments that I have to place my hands on the shoulders of others to guide me across. Especially if they are really long.
There are moments in life that your path must go across formidable obstacles. There are moments that your choices are limited. There are moments when everything inside tells you that this is a really bad idea. And yet you must cross those rivers and canyons.

Life is filled with those places to cross that seem impossible to your mind and your old self. There is often a path but that path requires you to face your fear. To do the unimaginable. To do something heroic.
Such is this moment in time. The path ahead is not one you would want or choose. You might prefer to go back the way you came. You may want to go back to that hut where you believed you were safe. You may want to find another way around even if it takes a long time. You may want to do anything but face the harsh reality that there is but one way, one path, and that is right in front of you over that rickety bridge.
This is the raw and real truth right now.
You cannot go back.
You cannot delay.
And time is of the essence.
People are depending upon you.
Facing fear is terrifying. But once faced you realize a huge difference between real fear and imagined fear, you recognize that you will have to deal with both regardless.
But it helps to know the difference.
Never let fear paralyze you.
Never let fear stop you from your life’s mission and purpose.
Never let the fears of others define or limit you.
Never stop moving towards your potential, even if you cannot reach it in this lifetime.
In your life, there will be many rivers and chasms to cross. Face the fear and step onto that rickety bridge. Don’t look down. Look straight ahead. And you will discover that you have what it takes to face everything that arises in your life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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