May 27, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 5/28/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/28/18


5/28/18 is the number 8. The number 8 says that even in grief you must move ahead. Even if you hold great sadness and pain, you must keep going. Life demands everything of you and in the end, it will take everything from you. But you must learn to live at the end of that fear and now live a life that is so careful that you are locked in a box of things that you are avoiding because you are afraid of them or afraid of failing. Everyone fails. Everyone makes choices that do not seem to pan out the way you intended. That is the way this world is designed. It forces you to question yourself. Because this world is not just about what you think. Nor is it just about getting what you desire. It is about learning to create. And in that creative process you will try things that fail and cause you pain. But you have to learn to let that all go. You have to learn to trust that there is a flow and meaning even to the failures. You will understand the journey later. But for now, just be bold and step onto the path in front of you. And come what may, find out who you really are.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today

The Moon continues to deliberately deepen your perception while it is in Scorpio until later this evening when it will shift into the  truth-seeking, energetic, optimistic potential that is Sagittarius. The Scorpio Moon makes you want to seek out the hidden layers in your life that continue to bother you. You are noticing that there is an itch in your mind that you cannot scratch, a grain of sand irritating your mind. That is where you are out of alignment with your own truth and the natural flow and order of life. While you might be inclined to act out and move more under the influence of a Sagittarius Moon. Be mindful as to what is making you move. Look for the deeper underlying motivation that will give you that alignment that is so deeply needed right now. This world does not need more people reacting and acting out their pent up, unexpressed, dysfunctional emotions at this time. We need calm heads and warm hearts to move your mouth to speak words that are unifying rather than destructive.

The Sun and Saturn head towards a quincunx aspect. Do not let your personal doubts or lack of faith, slow you down or hinder your movements and initiatives. You may need to take a break from all the pushing. And that is fine and needed. You might need to adjust your plans (again) based on the new knowledge and the responsibilities that it now creates. This is the moment when you can have a cosmic reality check. Think of it like a break check area in the mountains, where the trucks pull over the check their breaks before they go down a long steep mountain. It is the same for you today and the mountain is in front of you. So be safe, check out what you can check out and go slow as you move forward next week.

~Suzanne Wagner~





Discover that your destiny
awaits just beyond your fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~





We are in a moment in time when destiny is calling you. Some hear the call while others do not. You cannot make that moment happen to hear the call but you know when it is happening. That is because it puts you face to face with the duality that you live daily between your human flawed self and your highest self. Today, it is to those that hear the call that I speak to now. Let go of your fear of not being good enough. Let go of your smaller, insecure human self. None of that matters when you hear the call because when you hear that call something bigger than you is activating you and bringing you more into your fullest presence. You are also not alone if you step outside of the shock of that moment and observe your surroundings. Such a moment is “inspired”. And the word “inspired” means: of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

(of a person) exhibiting a creative impulse in the activity specified.

(of air or another substance) that is breathed in.

When you are inspired an external situation connects you to the infinite power that is on this planet and you become one with that energy and a tool for that energy to move through you. It is in such moments that ordinary people become extraordinary. They step beyond the wall that their fear placed in front of them and they lean into the possibility. Often they do not know what they are really going to do, moment by moment, but somehow they do believe that they can figure it out or be given the information or doorways through. That is because they are invisibly connection to the primary energy source that is available to each person. We just often need a trigger to make us leap through that door. And those triggers are often a surprise. Let yourself find that wonder of surprise and step beyond the doorway of your habitual world. Discover that your destiny awaits just beyond your fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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