May 29, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 5/30/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/30/18


5/30/18 is the number 10. The number 10 reminds you that power comes from the unique expression of your energy thought your individuality. Within each person is power. But how that power expresses and manifests is up to the way energy moves through the configuration of your desires, hopes, wishes, and dreams. So, dream big, but dream with a focused intent. Learn how to constructively direct your energy in ways that serve the greater good for all, not just yourself. There is luck today if you are willing to use it wisely. This number is associated with the Wheel of Fortune Card in the Tarot. It reminds you that the circle of life is always changing and to have infinite compassion as you move through life. The use of personal power without the grounding of self-discipline is destructive. Creative processes are inherently polarized because to manifest, you have to bring light and shadow together. Discipline must always proceed dominion. To choose otherwise creates the breakdown of things you hold most precious and dear. With the number 10 you seek wholeness. And that can only be found through using power for the protection of others.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today

The Moon spends the day in the sign of Sagittarius, and this supports the continued awakening as to what our soul needs for adventure, opportunity, and different experiences or perspectives. This is also a time to seek truth. There is so much happening right now in this time of distortion, denial, and delusion. It takes great power and skill to stay centered in an imbalanced world. It is up to you to find out who you are and then move from that place and that center. You can no longer count on the external being that checkpoint that brings you back into the reality. The reality is shifting in a way that is transporting us beyond the known and into the manifestation potential of the mind. The karma that you have created in this world, now stands in front of you, in a circle, reflecting back to you the lessons that you have not fully understood or have not fully made a correction. There are lessons and consequences to all actions. Sometimes those lessons do not show up readily after a choice. But it seems that now, a flood of consequences seems to be like a tsunami wave hitting the majority of humanity at this time. It clearly indicates a moment of a huge awakening and that this type of moment was needed to shift this world out of a place of denial into a radical moment of clarity.

Mercury’s sextile to Chiron says it is time for healing. And that healing seems to be need through your use of words and how you are communicating in this world. Everyone believes that they are moving with good intentions. But your perception of that is not a fact as much as it is that you are doing what you want and often not looking beyond yourself and your own delusions. It is time for some warm and healthy conversations. Those that are not based on some extraneous facts that may or may not be true. Just because you heard it does not mean that it is actually a valid perception. Conversations now need to be those that come from the heart and the gut. Talk about what you feel and what you fear. Leave the rhetoric behind. Speaking from another place other than your feelings will just get you caught in a game of “what’s true.”

~Suzanne Wagner~







There can be no hope
When there lacks interest for better.
There can be no trust
when there lacks confirmation of truth.
There can be no faith
when there lacks complete confidence of purpose.

~Adlin Sinclair~


Without faith, hope, and trust,
there is no promise for the future,
and without a promising future,
life has no direction, no meaning,
and no justification.
~Adlin Sinclair~






When I speak to my clients there seems to be a theme. And that theme or word that I hear over and over again is the word, “lost”.

People feel lost right now.

Lost because what they believed to be good and true about America seems lost.

Lost because faith in our government officials is clearly a complete and total lie.

Lost because so many believed that this government was supposed to protect the people not ruin the people.

Lost because we believed in the idea that was America and did not see the corruption breaking it down.

Lost because everything has been given to the rich (again) and the regular people that do the work are getting shafted.

Lost because truth no longer seems to matter to a large portion of brainwashed Americans.

Lost because our education has failed those brainwashed Americans totally and they actually do not have the mental education, discernment, and clarity to see beyond the obvious lies of those in power that use them like blunt weapons to cause hurt and shame to those who are standing up for the Constitution.

Lost because America has lost its heart and soul.

Lost because we have become an embarrassment to the world.

Lost because our government is a group of paid off minions who do the bidding of the corporations rather than listen to the voices of the people.

Lost because in our hearts we know that this type of government cannot stand, and it will feed on itself until it collapses. And they will take all of us with them, if we let them.

Lost because we did not see the horror until it was too late, and the train had taken a track that leads into desolation and destruction.

Lost because what is clear is that everyone will lose.

Lost because the outcome of such action is suffering.

Lost because regardless of what we do, say, write, speak out, and protest, it all falls on deaf ears.

Lost because power and greed are clearly winning over compassion and caring.

Lost because we are falling backwards into a hole that was the past hell and we had worked so hard to crawl, climb, and struggle out of that place.

Lost because we are losing faith in humanities ability to transcend the darker and denser emotional suffering that has plagued us for millennia.

Lost because we can see the darkness undermining the light.

Lost because what needs to be rebuilt has now gotten exponentially harder.

Lost because hope seems a distant memory.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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