May 30, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 5/31/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/31/16

5/31/16 is the number 9. The number 9 asks the question, “What are you completing?” For me personally, I am learning how to be a complete human being. Now, I know that sounds strange but being a part of this earth and becoming one with this place and time has always been challenging for me. I have spent my life running ahead and challenging myself again and again. Learning how to allow my human-ness to be okay and acceptable has been difficult. I have always wanted to be exceptional not ordinary. But there is something wonderful about the ordinary life. There is something wonderful about being fully embodied and connected to this amazing planet we are on. Today, recognize that right now you are perfect just as you are. Now, I am not saying that this place and space is your final result but what can you do that would allow this moment to completely fill you? There are blessings in not being at your goal yet. There are blessings in being a work in progress. But there are also blessings in seeing that right now, this is who you wanted to be to learn and grow. This body, this form, this consciousness, these yearnings, these drives, these longings are helping you evolve into a more awake and higher state of awareness than when you first came to this earth. Let the evolution of who you are be a completion today. Let this journey be full and life fulfilling right now. See the perfection and completion that is happening today. Enjoy it. Become one with it and celebrate what you have accomplished. With the Moon in Aries all day and harmonizing with the Sun in Gemini, you can be sharp, feel on top of things, and enthusiastic towards your future. There is a strong sociable quality to today but there is also a detachment that knows you can go it alone as well. This is a great day for marketing and selling your ideas. The Moon also harmonizes with Saturn, gently and pleasantly fueling your ambitions. A Pluto-Ceres square reminds us to avoid holding on too tightly to things that no longer serve us well. If there’s a project or method that needs to evolve, you should recognize this and let it grow. The Aries Moon encourages initiative and starting fresh. What do you need to allow space and time to begin?
~Suzanne Wagner~


“You can choose to be afraid but why?
You are here. You are on the wave
whether you like it or not.
You are going to have to choose a way
to get back to shore.
So why not choose with energy, gumption,
vitality, love, compassion, trust, and courage?”
~Suzanne Wagner~



Yesterday, I spent what I consider a very lazy day. In the morning my husband and I did some outdoors work to mow, weed, and clean up an area of our property. The sun was out and the air was perfect. We were working together in silence with a few words here and there. We chipped away at a big project and got a lot done, then came inside and did lunch and had a lovely relaxing afternoon with really nothing to do except enjoy the views outside and feed the birds. And yes, there was one small break to go feed the neighbors cats and dogs as their daughter got married this weekend and the whole family was out celebrating for the weekend wedding. I can’t tell you how lovely that was. To have a relatively normal day without a ton of things to do and to just work in a way that you see some small and tangible results but to not have to push or feel overwhelmed and overloaded. I was raised by two perfectionist parents who did not really know how to stop and so the times I have really slowed down and just enjoyed the moment are not as frequent as I would have liked. I have learned how to take very good care of myself and get massages, go to meditation retreats, personal growth workshops, yoga retreats, shamanic retreats, and in those I have learned how to stop and observe my thoughts, feeling, and to reflect on my actions without judgment. But just having a moment like yesterday was very life fulfilling and made me realize how far I have come and how much I have transformed by parents pattern into one that is more authentically my own.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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