May 3, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 5/4/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/4/18

5/4/18 is the number 2. In the most positive the number 2 is a message to have faith and courage in your guides and angels. Situations are going to test your patience. Know that things come to you when they are destined to come in. The number 2 asks for diplomacy and tact today because you are going to need it. It is time to bring opposite sides back into unity and peace. It is a moment to look beyond positions and into what is the greater good that can be had for all. The number 2 is also connected to the Priestess card in Tarot and that is a card indicating to listen to the subtle messages that the universe is attempting to bring you and to ignore the more obvious and loud exclamations that those in power wish to project out into the world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

The Moon is in Capricorn all day, so use this energy to seek more order and structure in your life. There is a strong sense of responsibility and duty that compels you to aim for the highest efficiency in critical areas on your life. Take a look at how others see you in your career, reputation, and long-term objectives while the Moon is in this practical sign.

The Moon connects to Saturn in Capricorn this afternoon, which brings a very realistic and sobering energy into the seriousness of situations in your world. Moral dilemmas continue to present themselves. With the Sun in Taurus there is a desire to be more active. You might feel as if you want to stand and defend a person or situation. It is time to be more determined and focus on what you need to feel secure for yourself and family. Notice if you are being possessive or bullheaded and choose to be your best self instead.

Remember that variety is a very good thing for your health and happiness.

Before you act consider the future and the consequences of your actions. The world needs you to be reliable and faithful. Do your best to be slow to anger and minimize frustrations. The worst thing is when you allow the fear to create rigidity in your core.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Yoga is the practice of becoming aware
of what your personal body holds
because of the consequences
of your actions from past lives.
Yoga shows you what
your mind attempts to ignore.
Yoga gives you a doorway
to unravel the patterns of
negative mind and the insidious,
repetitive patterns that grow
from those thoughts and beliefs.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Saturn the God of Time continues to show us that the only way through this chaos is to be bluntly honest and grounded in reality. Saturn is planning a brutal unveiling of the delusional filters that have been over many eyes and now you cannot cover it up any longer. By now you should be responding with horror at the rampant lying that the rich, powerful, and wealthy have been using for years to manipulate those less aware and less fortunate. By now you should know you that you have been being lead to slaughter (metaphorically) for years and those in power have been using you without your awareness. If that does not make you mad it should. Remember that you can only cover up truth with your mind for so long. There is a divine intent astrologically in this awakening. This journey of Saturn is going to be a long and hard journey so know that there are many this month that will have a hair trigger of reaction because especially minds love to feel on emergencies, crisis, and trauma. It is time to at least attempt to unwind such addictive tendencies of the mind by freeing yourself from the self-image that you are projecting into the world and come from a place of authenticity and joy. You are living a time of great historic value. And it can be horrible and devastating. In such times you have to hang onto the things that give you bliss and happiness with a type of grip that is fierce and determined. We are at the 11th hour and we either need to shift of the consequences can be grave. Do not contribute to the ego and heart hardening fear that is so prevalent. There is a war already happening for your attention and energy. That energy is a quantifiable currency that those in power use and abuse to manipulate. There is a price for the instant communication and connection that is so popular right now. Culturally we have to learn restraint and discernment of truth. We have to let go of masturbating on information for the endorphins rush of an addict. Humans are naturally flawed in this way. There is a huge block of marble that is raw and unshaped. Together we need to work together to find the image that wants to emerge from this crude and sharp hardness. Let us together shape a world that is strong and soft, capable of lasting for a long time and also capable of inspiring future generations.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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