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Numerology/Astrology for 5/4/21                       

5/4/21 is the number = 14

Add the 5 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 14. 1 + 4 = 5.

The Number 5, is all about getting physical. Weather is perfect, the time is now. After a very long 2020 it is time to get back into shape and move. I can see the stress and strain on so many faces. It has been hard on everyone.
Except…. perhaps nature, who was grateful for fewer humans trouncing through their neighborhoods.
We probably need to take a few pounds off and release some steam.
Internal stress can be a killer over long periods of time. Now is the time to take care of yourself. Each of us is holding up a segment of our family unit.
If we collapse it begins to pull things over.
We are important and we need to treat ourselves as important.
Take a look at what we can be doing outside. Nature is very healing. It is time to shift the pattern into a more healthy one that will take that stress off and a smile on your face.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is in Aquarius, pushing each of us to think outside the box and to bring more intelligence into all interactions with others.

This innovative Moon will align with expansive Jupiter later today and it helps us reach out for more pleasantries with others. I know that the social side of life is still a bit crimped. Slowly we seem to be gaining ground.
At least in the US we can begin to use our imagination to help us see a possibility.

There are things that we intend to do for the sheer joy of living. Those are always good decisions especially if they include nature and movement.

Later in the evening the Moon moves into emotionally deep Pisces supporting a more compassionate lifestyle.

Tomorrow there is a Uranus and Jupiter quintile. There will be three of these total. One in July and another in December. It brings in more unique people for us to engage with. Expect the unexpected. As the old world unravels, a new world is also being created. We do not know what that may look like but what we do know is that more is being asked of us on a daily basis.
I believe in human ingenuity.
I believe we have tools that can show us the way to a more peaceful and conscious world.
I believe that a power greater than us is pushing us in that direction.
Let yourself come along for the ride towards a more open, loving, and integrated world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Leaning into the moment.
Unsure what comes next.
Releasing concern.
Observing context.

There are so many that try
But trying never works.
Trying is like stubbing your toe.
It always hurts.

Trying holds a fear
of making a mistake.
Trying expends energy
while the mind is hitting the break.

I want to believe
that intention shows the path.
I want to show
that good things come after wrath.

We have a duty
to support all of life.
Even in times
of difficulty and strife.

Kindness arises
even in treacherous times.
Even animals
show compassion oftentimes.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Mother’s Day is coming around soon. And I want to bring an early “shout-out” for all the amazing parents out there who have taken on more than ever in this pandemic.
Today, I want to talk about the feminine spirit and soul. (Don’t worry men, I plan on doing the same before Father’s Day).
What women have done is what women have always done. Taken on what presents and put their own needs and agenda to the side to protect and nurture the children of the world.
The feminine has repeatedly protected the next generation in ways that most forget to acknowledge.
I understand the core of such actions are a biological imperative within the psyche of parents.
If you cannot successfully raise children who can survive and thrive in the world, it feels like a terrible failure and sets precedents that can put humanity at risk.
That is why is seems so important and why the feminine repeatedly jumps in.
Continuing the family line is of great importance in our genetic makeup.
Do you recognize the places where your mother sacrificed everything for you?
Do you see where she took a risk to make sure you got what you needed to move ahead?

My favorite story of my mother was my last year at SAB (the School of American Ballet) in New York. I had been on scholarship for 3 years and this was my last year.
My father hated the whole ballet thing for many reasons.
The biggest being that he felt it was a “dead-end” job that would require a career shift at some point.

He wanted me to go to school now and have something to fall back onto later. It made sense but ballet is for the young. Everyone knows that.
I watched an aging Nureyev, who could not stop dancing (because of his ego and need for acclaim) while his body was falling apart.
He dancing was not to the level of his younger self.
I knew by watching him, that I would have to learn to let it all go at some point and walk away before I became an embarrassment to myself.
I was not in denial about the fact that I would have to leave and start my life over. But being a dancer was what I wanted and I was willing to take that risk.

So at 17 years old, as I am ready to go back to New York to take my chance at getting into New York City Ballet, I am super excited. This was the defining moment! This was it.
But my father wasn’t happy about it at all.
He had finally had enough and he refused to contribute financially to that dream. I was somewhat prepared for that because he had been slowly withdrawing support. He refused to pay for the Ballet school and so I got a scholarship. He refused to buy point shoes so I got a job. He was trying everything to discourage me but it only made me more determined.
I learned early on that others never really know what is another’s path.
So this time, my mother secretly intervened. She called the bank that held the note for our house and asked what was in our escrow account. They told her and she asked to take the extra out.
Suddenly without knowing why, I had the money to go that last year to SAB.
And my father did not know where it came from until the end of the year statement when his mortgage payment went up because of it.

To his credit, at least at that point he decided to laugh, at being completely tricked by the feminine.
But, I had gotten a job (not with New York City Ballet) but with the Berlin Ballet. And I was on my own, making a living, and learning a language and culture. (All valuable things in his world).

So it all worked out.
But I have to give my mother credit for it happening at all.
In that moment, she said that she was determined that I was going to go.
I remember her handing me the money and saying, “Be careful with this money! That is all I could get! Don’t squander it on frivolous things!”
And I didn’t. Was very careful, somehow intuitively knowing woman to woman that she had tricked him or did something slightly risky.
She said later, that she wanted me to have the opportunity to have my dream. Her parents had repeatedly stomped on all of her dreams and she was bound and determined to not let that happen to me.
So once again, I am grateful to all the mother’s out there who have been doing the same for their children. Know that such self-less-ness matters in the evolution of compassion and love. And those moments do make a difference even though we might not see it in the short run. But in the long run, there is a great gift the feminine gives to support the lives of their children and the legacy that she intends to leave behind.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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