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Numerology/Astrology for 5/6/17

5/6/17 is the number 3. In this moment, you recognize that there are as many Devils afoot as there are Divine Beings of Light. The number three shows you that within each of us is the potential to create great good or great evil and it does not take much to tip the balance on the scale of justice against compassion and serving humanity in favor of those who greedily want to have more. Yes, in life there are ups and downs. The downs help us appreciate what we have had. Perhaps you did not fully comprehend the beauty, peace, and joy of your life and now it is showing you a more challenging moment that requires you to recognize your pettiness in the past and your whining and complaining as childish and unnecessary. It is always good to wake up and this moment is forcing you to see a darker side of life and how quickly negative energy can infect and take over a reality. You cannot heal darkness by denying its existence. You cannot avoid the truth and be happy in the long term. You cannot pretend everything is fine when your world is burning to the ground.

The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 2:21 PM EDT, and we’re particularly concerned about tying up loose ends and dealing with routine matters. Its square to Saturn this morning can point to disappointment or temporary questioning of whether you have the time or energy to handle what you want to accomplish. The Moon enters Libra at 2:21 PM, and while you crave peace and harmony, a lot of tension can be generated with a Mars-Uranus semi-square influencing the day. You may be looking to dominate or to assert your independence if you feel trapped, restricted, or otherwise limited. Watch for impulsive moves, but also look for creative, inventive ways to get ahead.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Mad men control weaker souls
to commit acts of aggression
in their name that they would
never normally do because
of their blind faith and trust
in the words someone speaks
without an inner moral compass
to know that the person
they are trusting is controlled
by their childish behavior
and a dark karmic evil.

~Suzanne Wagner~

There are souls that are from the pits of darkness who can never feel full or enough. They will never stop taking from others to have more and more power and money until there is a total revolt and revolution. There are those that do not understand that there are ways to share that serve all but as they Buddhist’s say these people live in the realm of the “Hungry Ghosts”. Hungry Ghosts can be souls who intentionally kill, steal from others, did sexual misconduct, and desert those suffering. Those that did evil deeds in life are reborn into a denizen of hell where they desire to eat but they have pinhole mouths that cannot take in food and their necks are so small that they cannot swallow, so they remain hungry. They have huge empty stomachs to feel the suffering they inflicted on others from their greed, envy, and compulsion. Those that in this life lived from the place of addiction, obsession, and compulsion are denied in this hell what they denied others in life so that they suffer horribly the way they caused others to suffer. I feel bad for those whose choices and actions are placing themselves willingly in a hell that they cannot at this moment see because their ego has given them a feeling of superiority and yet, their actions cause great harm to others.


To those who refuse to see that they are the minions of evil…
I feel such sadness for the karmic load you are creating for yourself.
For those that support those creating the evil…
You too are choosing to carry a heavy karmic burden that you refuse to see and acknowledge.
In each moment there is a choice and it is so easy to choose good over evil.
It is so easy to shift out of being manipulated by those in power with the lure that they really care about you and will do what you wish.
It is only one moment in time which is a choice to step on the side of helping rather than harming that can take that heavy karmic load off.
The consequences of not doing create lifetimes of endless suffering.
Do you really want to do that?
Do you really have to live the suffering you have inflicted on others again and again until you learn compassion?
Perhaps that is the only way.
But there are those of us that watch in horror as you light your own fire and pull yourself deep in to the suffering pit of “Maya”.


“Maya”, in Buddhism, is defined as unwholesome mental patterns that allow a person to exhibit a good quality that they actually lack.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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