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Numerology/Astrology for 5/6/18

5/6/18 is the number 4. Take a breath and feel into your heart. Drop your energy down into your chest and just notice how much of your energy is not centered in your body but in your mind and the process of thinking and judging. Then open to the path that becomes your center point of connection to the earth and everything that is alive on this planet. Your heart connects the spiritual chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) with the physical world chakras (solar, sexual, and root) It is your love and compassion that allows all of them to work together and become effective on all the levels of being. When you hate you are not in alignment with the earth in a way that can make a difference. When you are in hate you cannot really help only harm. The number 4 today is attempting to get your energies into balance and alignment, so you become a more effective manifester in this dimension. Reaction without balance is a waste of precious energy. Recognize when people are making fun of you and poking at your heartfelt attempts at growth. But do not feel bad about their words…feel bad that they are still holding dense emotions in their being to such an extent that they must use words to hurt those that they are jealous of or that they want to emulate. Then have compassion for them on their journey. In doing that you learn to have compassion for your own younger self that made similar mistakes.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

With the Moon in Aquarius there is a desire to connect in casual ways that allow you to not have to be fully “On”. You can relax, and you don’t have to remember everyone’s names. Keep it friendly and causal. The beginning of May started off smoothly, but this morning gets more complicated. The Sun forms a semi-square with Chiron and Venus semi-squares Uranus, while the Sun also forms a sextile to Neptune. Roughly translated you are moving into a new direction and because of that you might feel a bit awkward. But you are trying something new and that is always good so try to not promise the moon and stars when you are just beginning something. Remind others that you are stretching out of one place and are not quite yet in another one. But you do feel as if you have a better access to your imagination and intuition. Just know that you are also easily distracted by shiny things. Go ahead and reach for what seems brand new and unusual. This moment has a bit of magic and serendipity if you have the good sense to follow the flow and move in sync with what the divine is offering. You have a bit of extra energy so choose to be generous and charitable with your time. Globally it is important to see people and situations from a perspective that finds beauty in the different expressions of life that we all are. Use this moment to propel you into self-improvement programs and things that will give you the results you have been seeking.

In the afternoon, be warned that there could be some mental anxiety and unexpected troubles that show up because of the Mercury-Pluto square coming into influence. This aspect may play to your insecurities and fears that you might not be getting all the information that you seem to need. Today, don’t push, just allow others to find their way. Each of us have our own karmic journey that no one can do for us and we must do for ourselves.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Rebellion becomes the unifier
in a world of tyrants.
Rebellion is a call for humanity
to come back to innocence
and work towards supporting
the essence of life.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The birds sing in the spring
to the life that begins again.
You too rise like the flowers in time
In the silence you become sublime.
Learn that life and in love
that awareness must fit like a glove.
You learn to relish and take your time.
There is so much more than overtime.
Learn to listen, not to that chatter in your head
But into what is needed from you for others instead.
That is what makes a fulfilling life.
And one with laughter that can replace strife.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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