May 7, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 5/7/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/8/16

5/8/16 is the number 4. Searching for balance and being that balance are two completely different things. In the first one you are seeking outward for others to establish what you so desperately want but cannot create yourself. In the second one you know that within you right now is a homeostasis of biology that is in tune with life and living. It is the mind that pulls at that natural order of reality and distorts it into something that it is not. Reconnect to the depth of life that courses deep within you. Allow that flow to set the pace and tempo for today. Then you will find an ease and flow that the mind loves to complicate into a mental game of what if, need, and demand. Minds demand to be paid attention to but the true nature of being always silently operates below the surface with no need to be seen, acknowledged, and noticed. The Moon is in inquisitive Gemini all day. Under this influence, there is generally a great deal of movement in your daily life. Your emotions are in a state of change and flux, and you may not be in touch with your deeper needs. You can experience a strong need to communicate and to express your ideas. Although bright and alert, you may need to put in extra effort to focus or to be consistent. Siblings, relatives, or neighbors and community involvement are especially important to your emotional well-being under a Gemini Moon. You adapt easily to change, and in fact you crave surprise, novelty, and intelligent responses in others. The Moon is challenged by Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn today, suggesting some wrestling with expectations and wishful thinking.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Today I am feeling God, not thinking God. Here she is, in my grief, in my ecstasy, in my awakening heart. I tried to find her on the trailways of self-avoidance, but I couldn’t find her there. I lost access when I lost my connection to my emotional body. There she is, riding the current of my feelings… There she is, a silver haired surfer riding the waves of my fluttering heart. Hearty, heart heart..
~Jeff Brown~


There are many doorways to the divine. Why does humanity think that only the positive paths lead to that oneness, connection, and understanding? I have found that in the acceptance of my anger and raging at the divine, I finally hear that soft voice of understanding and comfort. I find that in the depth of my pain is a pathway through to compassionate heart and wisdom. Do not avoid the truth of any feeling in the moment but do not manipulate others with your feelings or use them as hooks that make others feel obligated to connect. Be truthful and allow what is to be present and allow it to fully move through you. Only ego attaches to emotions as a ploy for connection. And that will only create more of the separation that you do not want. Human beings were not designed to be yo-yos that you can pull and twist to feed your wounded self. Strong hearts will not play. Strong souls will step back and wait for your awareness to awaken to notice your own manipulation. Strong minds will wait for your authentic expression to break out of the childish behavior you are exhibiting.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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