May 8, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 5/9/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/9/15

Reclaim your peace and neutrality of the number 4. Maintaining a state of inner grace and peace is always a challenge in the physical plane but today it might be a bit more challenging. Peace is something that has to be practiced to be maintained. That means that you have to be put in situations that challenge you to choose peace and tranquility over the normal inner chaos of the mind or the situations that life throws at you. Nothing is worse than when you let another person disturb your inner peace. You are okay right now. Life it going to test you center regardless of your level of awareness or enlightenment. Look at all the great teachers and the enormous choices that they had to make in their life under tremendous odds and difficulties. Everyone in life has moments where you can react or observe. Observation is always a wise choice when things are in chaos. You cannot let the chaos control you. Always choose from that inner place of calm clarity. You know there is a part within you that knows deeply who you are in each and every moment. From that place of balance you know you are love and you know that you are loved regardless of how situations and circumstances present. The Moon is in Capricorn until 7:23 PM EDT, when it enters Aquarius. Mercury squares Neptune today you are reminded to tune into your spiritual needs, which might at first be chaotic as you adjust. You could find it difficult to follow the facts, directions, or instructions. You could also hear them incorrectly. Uncertainty can keep you from making verbal commitments. Conversations may feel vague and incomplete. While this is not a good time for signing on the dotted line, it can be a good time to let some fantasy into your life as long as you do so in the appropriate places and moments.

~Suzanne Wagner~
Breathing mindfully helps us create space in our heart. Each one of us needs space and freedom – from our worries, our regrets and our anxiety. Coming back to our breathing, and letting go of all our worries and concerns, we become as free as the moon sailing across the night sky.

~Thich Nhat Hanh~


What would it be like to live a life with no regrets? To live so fully at the edge that when it comes to that moment of choice, to stay or to not stay, that from that place it is all perfect. What is true right now is that you are perfect in this moment, you just don’t realize it. Each one of us has lived as fully as we knew how in each moment. And yes, some of those moments you were frightened, on the edge, angry, hopeless, etc. But if you look and I mean really look, your choices were exactly perfect to give you the experiences that were necessary for your growth and your awakening. Life is full of small steps that compile to make a huge shift in your awareness by the end. Today, take a look at where you were when you were 12 years old, then 18 years old, and continue to see yourself growing wiser, more awake, more compassionate, and more appreciative of each and every moment. You are exactly where you need to be. Right now you can awaken to your fullness and love. All you need to do is open and discover that you are already there. You are already worthy of your light and love. You were never unworthy of your greatness. You just needed to choose it over your inner critic. Negative thoughts are rarely an accurate reflection of reality. Putting yourself down never helps anything. It is always good to reflect and to learn from experiences but never label them as mistakes. Those moments were when you awoke to another possibility. The circumstance challenged you to see beyond your mind and your desires. You are more than what you want and you are way more than what other people perceive. Others can only see you through the limited projection of their disowned self.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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