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Numerology/Astrology for 5/9/18


5/9/18 is the number 7. The number 7 questions and wants to know why. The number 7 searches for truth and does not think that the value of something is on the surface and what someone readily wants to show you. The number 7 knows that reality is often hidden behind the illusions of ego. Today is a day to study human behavior and notice what is behind the masks that people show and believe they are. The healer within you emerges when you observe and witness instead of reacting and responding to triggers. Find that inner balance and find your commitment to develop feelings from a place of mature consciousness rather than childish neediness.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Astrology Today


With a quincunx between Venus and Jupiter today, the restlessness and desire to open the heart and mind to the manifestation of more beauty and joy is strong. The only problem? You do not know what you want. You are dealing with a particular situation that feels more like a predicament. It is going to be your one and only job today to find a balance between pleasure and responsibility. There is a curiosity that wants to keep things light. But also, another part that cannot stop seeking truth and greater depth from your interactions with life and with others. Expectations are high. know that you have the capacity to make it work but don’t make unreasonable demands on others. They are also at their own edges of growth.

The Moon is in Pisces all day, which can reinforce the wobbliness and indecision that seems to continue to plague everyone. Decisions and commitments will not come easy with this Pisces Moon. It is time to move one and accept life for what it is.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Forgiveness requires such a strong conviction
that it is an unbreakable vow to the soul and to the self.

~Suzanne Wagner~



All the talk of Armageddon is one of the biggest games of ego on this planet. It is the ego that comes up with such grandiose ideas that other egos then feed the fear into, again and again, to make such things seem factual or even reasonable. That is because those that express such ideas, (including the originator of the story) were clearly so miserable on this planet that the only end to this game seemed to be total annihilation.

Can you see the madness in that? Let’s take no responsibility for creating atrocities and suffering and justify the total and complete destruction of an entire world to avoid the truth that we are afraid to seek out, that is actually inside of us.

I have found that those that are so attached to this story are often hiding from such terrible inner suffering and huge self-deception that they would rather die. And take you with them. They refuse to face the mirror of their own confusion, lies, suffering, self-deception, and misery. The line of those evangelists that are against, prostitution that are then arrested doing it, are endless. There are endless lines of those that are against gays, but they are busy having sex with young boys in hotel rooms. Such hypocrites exist in this world because we have allowed and cultivated a culture that is based on denial of who we are so that we look good. Then we allow those to make laws to cause others suffering because that is what they believe they deserve if they are ever discovered.

And it is time for this to stop.

It is time to recognize that the people who want to destroy the world are in terrible pain and do not have the skills to know how to heal. So, they grasp at the “spiritual rules” and proclaim them loudly to convince others but even more to convince themselves that there is a terrible war and battle coming because in reality they are at war within themselves nonstop. And so, the only way out of the suffering is to have the entire world be killed off is some terrible human event because the purification of the fire will “somehow” redeem and save their soul.

They constantly look like they are forgiving others for terrible crimes because they hope and pray that if someone really found out about their mistakes that they too could be forgiven.

I believe in forgiveness. But I believe that even when others forgive us, the bigger lesson is when you have to forgive yourself. And you cannot forgive yourself completely if you continue to do those bad things from an unconscious place again and again. Forgiveness requires an inherent understanding of the actions that you and you alone are responsible for shifting. Forgiveness requires you to take responsibility for your past choices, to learn from them and then to choose to shift so dramatically that you would never do it, ever again. Forgiveness requires such a strong conviction that it is an unbreakable vow to the soul and to the self. And that requires a type of strength that few have learned how to cultivate. But I believe there is still time. I believe that there are those that see past their ego and see past the illusions that are being shown to them day in and day out. I believe that there are enough awake to change the conversation towards building a world that we can all enjoy and live in. I believe that that is more important than ego and old stories from people who could not see a way out other than total destruction.

Yes, there will be a total eventual destruction but that will be the destruction of prejudice, hatred, resentment, and fear. And I look forward to that day and the story that such a celebration will create that will change the mindset of humanity, forever.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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