June 9, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 6/10/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/10/16

6/10/16 is the number 7. The number 7 wants you to explore and discover the patterns and mysteries that are flowing in your life, calling out to you to remember. The number 7 is about the mystics of the past that looked deeply into the patterns of consciousness and made the maps that allow us today to understand the energy that is beneath things. The divine is calling out to you right now but are you noticing? Are you paying attention to the bird speaking to you from that tree? Are you noticing the sequences of patterns, numbers, or events that keep showing up around you? How many times does something need to be presented before you recognize a pattern and begin to ask the question as to why that is happening? Then do you slow down and listen? I mean really listen to the voices speaking from the hidden reality that is that bridge between heaven and earth? Take a moment to discover the hidden levels of life that are happening all around you and how nature and the elements of magic are asking you to listen. It will give a deeper meaning to your life and you will discover new ways to deal with old situations. Early into today, the Moon challenges the recent Mercury-Mars opposition, stirring up residual issues that may have come to a head yesterday. You may be going over recent arguments or frustrations, making it difficult to relax (or sleep). The Moon continues its transit of Leo until 9:47 AM EDT, when it enters Virgo. The Moon in Virgo is particular and can be very nitpicky but it can also be quite practical and useful if you need to get some things done. You are inclined to want to keep busy and to strive towards being productive. You might easily find yourself re-organizing and rethinking plans, or tending to important edits and details now. Just remember that emotional satisfaction comes from solving problems, making order out of confusion, and helping others.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Sometimes you think you want something, but in reality you need to let it go.”

~Marie Rutkoski~



So often I hear from clients that they want a person in their life and that person has left. But in reality that person leaving was perfect because the projection they had on that person was not who that other person really was. Often we put our best self forward at the beginning of a relationship. But we are not just that internal self. We want others to love and accept us and it is not hard to see what society deems acceptable. So we put on a mask and try to move and live from behind that mask. But masks always slip eventually and our true self is revealed. Sometimes we recognize that in a particular relationship we can’t be our true self and that our true self is not acceptable to the other person. We know that because we are trying so hard to please them that we have put our own needs in a box and have become something that works for them but does not work for us. Eventually that tension becomes so great that we have to break out. The form of breaking out often looks like leaving. In such a situation you have only two choices; leave, or to show who you truly are and decide if the other person is capable of loving the person that is deeply inside. Love is all about vulnerability. So many of us are afraid to show our not so lovely sides. These parts that are insecure, distracted, overwhelmed, depressed, or not skilled. Many of us have chosen again and again to leave rather than really let someone in. Today let someone see who you truly are. Pick wisely that person. Make sure they have the capacity to stay present when you open. Learn to trust another with your deepest secrets.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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