June 1, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 6/1/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/1/15
Today is the number 6. The completion potential today has an element of artistic genius. You have a doorway to connect to your integrative self. This is a day of the 2,  3’s. It is about bringing the physical, intellectual, and spiritual world together. It is about bridging the mind, heart, and body. It is about aligning with forces that allow you to be the bridge and connection between heaven and earth. Let yourself out and let yourself be free to shine your brilliance. Do it from the place of humility and benevolence. When you learn to have compassion for yourself and your journey then you can have compassion for others. The Moon is in Scorpio until 2:40 PM EDT, harmonizing with Venus in Cancer this morning. This is a warm, easy, and sincere energy that helps you to get close to one another. You are perceptive and may not need many words to express your feelings. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:40 PM, and aligns with Saturn shortly after. This is a good influence for the ability to put your emotions aside in order to take care of business, or for situations that benefit from keeping a cool head. You might become more aware of your responsibilities. Once past this influence, the Sagittarius Moon is brave, adventurous, tactless, and moral. Tomorrow, a Full Moon will occur in the sign.
~Suzanne Wagner~
“Within us all there are wells of thought and dynamos of energy which are not suspected until emergencies arise.”

~Thomas J. Watson~

Many years ago I realized that I personally did not have enough energy to do what I really wanted in my life. That realization changed everything for me. I knew that I had to seek energy outside myself. My first choice was to move towards the divine light and love that was outside, everywhere, and inside myself. I chose to tap into a bigger place of energy. From opening to allowing that energy in and not thinking that I needed to do it all myself, life radically changed. Astrologically, my chart has a huge challenge in it by the Vedic system. Rather than allow for that limitation I chose to know that I could only do what I intended in this life by opening bigger and bigger into a force of energy that was obviously greater than my small representation. You can do this too. Right now, so much more is available than you could possibly realize. Trust in something bigger than just your own mind or reality. Discover the unlimited resources of energy that are there only when let go, open, and let something in that is beautiful, loving, and compassionate.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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