May 31, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 6/1/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/1/20

6/1/20 is the number 11. If you add the 6 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.
1 + 1 = 2.

Today it might be hard to stay positive. The number 2 day is about Negative Mind or Critical Mind. Opinions are going to be strongly expressed. Minds want to find an answer as to what is happening to establish blame. Blame is often distributed randomly. But historically it is rarely justified or correct. History records people being lynched, blamed, hung, imprisoned, and killed over someone’s opinion and a mob mentality that needs to feel completion and vindication over some horrific act. The problem is that so much horror is happening there is a lot of blame that wants to be spread around. For me, this moment just needs to catalyze change. I have no need to blame anyone. I do know that enough is enough and not massive amounts of change need to happen. This world that has been created is nothing that I want or will condone. And I will put all my effort into bringing more awareness, perspective, and overview into this situation. I know that this world viewpoint is highly destructive and will only continue to destroy our civilization rather than build it up. I know that the minds of the number 2, cannot be trusted nor will the slants of so much anger and hate manifest a clear direction that is inclusive. I long for a powerful voice that promotes a conscience from the deeper voice of the freedoms that are America. 
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Sun is in the duality world of Gemini. And so much is going retrograde within that complicated and two faced world.

Pluto retrograde brings out the karmic control and global brutality and shines a very bright light on it. Venus retrograde makes everyone see clearly the financial distress and the whittling away of our financial freedoms, retirement security and our personal values. Saturn retrograde makes you realize the harsh world in which we now live and this makes us have to come to grips with the totalitarian control that our government is attempting to sneakily use to manipulate our compliance.

Because Venus moves quickly, it will set the tempo for this change.

We have a ruler that is a Gemini, which is known as the two-faced God or the trickster. His racist dystopia is a toxicity that is killing freedom.

Venus represents the money and security that we desperately need to survive and be in this game of life. Notice how you are being consciously tricked into giving up your desperately needed money and made to feel guilty if you will not suffer more for your country.

The United States can’t breathe anymore because of all the lies and negativity choking a system in freefall.

If a serious correction is not begun, then I fear what will happen over time and especially towards the election.

The Moon in Libra continues to point out the critical imbalances happening in this world.

Jupiter quintile with Chiron early in the day will give us an incentive to get a grip on this horrific new reality. This will occur also in November. It makes me nervous for the election.

Perhaps this is what some need to open our hearts and minds to the struggles and suffering of others. I wish it were not so.

The Sun-Jupiter aspect makes us demand more from our lives right now. For some that will lead to reactive actions, some good and constructive and some bad and dangerous.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I watch our country burn to the ground.
I hear the screams as the anger sounds.
I know why they feel the need to scream.
No one hears them when others are mean.
We live in a country that promised a lie.
Then when we demand it, all they do is deny.
I will stand up for those in pain.
I will confront those that have the most to gain.
I will not be quiet or go away.
As long as I can breathe and have an airway.
I will stand against hate. I will stand against lies.
I will speak out against all evil in disguise.
You cannot fool me. Hate is still hate.
Until that stops, this chaos will not abate.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We are in an uncharted time and space. Where all that once was …… is no more.

It is a terrifying feeling to realize that the illusion of control and civility is lost at this moment in time. I know that many are behaving and trying to do peaceful intervention. And I know that there are a few that are so angry from so much being taken from them (for decades) that they are at a breaking point. I realize that sometimes there has to be a resounding call against the oppressors. I know that dysfunction has to be called out. I know that rage builds up and leaves no room for discussion. You can only oppress with fear for so long and then the people will always rise up and exact revenge against those who have harmed them. Be very aware of your actions, words, and choices. Recognize that if you are Caucasian you cannot really understand the level of constant suffering and oppression that people of another color, another culture, or another religion actually feels. If you have power to help, you are obligated to help in such times. Avoidance of your responsibility in this moment is inhumane, cruel, and supports continued suffering.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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