June 11, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 6/12/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/12/16

6/12/16 is the number 9. The number 9 gives us a moment to look at ourself under the lens of karma, spiritual awakening, our life purpose, our soul mission, and how our service to humanity is either going or not going. So that would be my reflection for today. Are you on your path to spiritual awakening? Now the truth is that you are always working towards that moment but some of us do it more actively and others allow the fates to dictate how fast or slow we move in that direction. What if today you chose to be more awake and aware to the messages that are repeating in your life right now? What if you chose to see that there is a repeating theme that the angels and guides are placing right in front of you that is begging for your attention and integration? There is perfection in each and every moment when you walk with eyes of awakened understanding. Your body and soul will do what your intention on the deepest level is focused upon. Just be careful to not go too far into the romanticism of reality and get lost in La-la land. It is important to still be here … now on this planet. Grounding is a great leveler of the playing field. It is great to have idealistic dreams but creating them into the physical is often very difficult and will separate the dreamers from those that can make those dreams into a reality. The Moon continues to transit Virgo until 8:34 PM EDT, when it enters Libra. A First Quarter Moon occurs early into the day when the Virgo Moon forms a square with the Sun in Gemini. There is a crisis theme surrounding any quarter Moon phase, as this aspect makes you feel compelled to take action. Shortly after, you will be made aware of how your actions affect those closest to you. Whatever project or initiative you began around the New Moon will feel as if it is finally off the ground, and it may face its series of obstacles. This morning, Mars and Chiron form a trine aspect, and you might have the opportunity to take the lead and to take action regarding a matter that is around healing, cleansing, and/or teaching. You can feel a sense of mission pushing you forward again. There is likely to be a feeling of fearlessness when it comes to addressing problem areas and your self-confidence is stronger than it has been in weeks. There is a drive to take positive action in some way shape or form. Helping others will be a strong drive also. It is a period for cooperation and purposeful activity. A sextile between Venus and Uranus late morning can also point to a certain fearlessness on a social level. You tend to embrace new or out of the ordinary experiences, people, and situations now. You are ready to experiment and try out the new possibilities showing up in your life but you are not necessarily ready to commit for the long haul. Mercury enters Gemini today after a long transit of Taurus, where it will stay until the 29th. When Mercury is in Gemini, we are especially communicative, curious, and sociable. Mercury feels right at home in Gemini, one of the signs that it rules. You tend to take more pleasure in gaining a superficial knowledge of many subjects rather than dig deep into any one topic. You are especially astute when it comes to arguing or making a point. You are attracted to wordplays, puns, and negotiations. Just know that this pattern can also make you easily distracted by superficial things and those things can take you off course a bit.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“I know the rain is cold my dear but dance in it a little while you wait for the sun.”

~A. J. Lawless~



This quote made me think of those youtube videos with babies experiencing the rain for the first time and how excited it is and the magic and wonder they feel of just the rain in their face and something coming miraculously from the sky. Find that inner child who is filled with wonder and magic. Let that child out and once again show you that life is not always about work, money, and responsibility. It is also about having new experiences that thrill your heart and spirit.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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