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Numerology/Astrology for 6/14/21

6/14/21 is the number = 16

Add the 6 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 16. Or 1 + 6 = 7

The Number 7 helps us put things together in an orderly fashion. Sometimes structure is what brings peace and contentment. Knowing what is ahead and having things in places where we can find them gives great joy. Within structure, we can rest. Within structure, is civilization. Within structure, we manifest nations. Within structure, the destructive nature of humanity is tamed and directed.

Those that want to tear down things that are helpful and that generate safety for the people are deeply wounded and want the world to suffer the way they have suffered.

While that is sad, it must be thwarted with everything we have. Because in the end, what they are creating is not suitable for anyone. Especially them.

We cannot allow immature children in adult bodies to have sway over things that matter. Because then everyone loses.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Here we go again. Today, the second of three upsetting squares between Saturn and Uranus manifests. Saturn can make things more difficult. It can be demanding as it wants to build something that will stand the test of time. Uranus is a lightning rod and intends to disrupt the tried and true. New is more interesting than the old or playing it safe. You can see how these two are on opposite sides of the fence. And even if we weather this one, there is a final one at the end of the year. It will also manifest into 2022. The way to handle it is to seek freedom but consciously, safely, and constructively. It is okay to be the most dynamic person and also the sanest and stable all at the same time. While that is a tall order, remember that this world has enough chaos for all of us, and we do not need to push further towards places and make us crazy.

Today, we may feel the friction these two planets are generating. Structure helps when the desire to expand beyond our known reality is at hand. In ballet, you need to fully feel the floor and caress the ground with your whole being. That allows you to fly more freely. It is how the air touches lightly on the earth, and the earth reaches up to the air.

Notice if there are rules that we feel the need to push against. But in this world, we do need some boundaries. Whatever we do, don’t undermine the stability that is offered. It is essential not to settle but also to let go of old pictures in our minds of what we want and expect. There might be something out there that will be even better than those old pictures. Trust that the universe has a plan, and it might be a great one.

Mars and Jupiter quincunx make us doubt what we know and feel as if our instincts are not aligned with the bigger dream. Choices seem more significant and have greater potential to go either towards the negative or the positive. It may feel as if the timing is off or that we are not sure what we want.

Clearly, there are obvious places that are presenting that need to be handled in a conscious and self-less way.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Those that cannot see the truth

also cannot understand

what is of value.

And value cannot be destroyed

by those who lack the intelligence

to understand the depth of meaning

that certain things contain.

It is not objects that have value,

but principals.

Those that focus on an objective world

and “stuff”, carry nothing of value within.

What creates worlds are concrete dreams.

What manifests great civilizations

that stand the test of time

are the principles upon which

they base their nation.

But those who only value how something looks

do not have the intelligence to create principles.

Without principals, all their ideas

are just irrational thoughts without substance.

And without substance,

those ideas carry no meaning.

Nor can those mindless ideas stand

the cruel and relentless tests of time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I had a dream last night that I was protecting a sacred area. A storage area filled with the most precious principles that this world has manifested.

A virus turned perfectly good people into dangerous and infectious minions carrying out the plan of this evil virus.

They kept trying various things to get into that sacred area that I was defending throughout the dream. Because I was protecting it they believed that it must have great value for them.

They would send in those that had just recently been infected, but that didn’t seem part of the blind and mindless minions of this entity.

Eventually, one got in.

But then I realized that their beliefs disintegrated the structures within their mind that understood what was of value and sacred and what wasn’t.

It became clear that while those most sacred of objects were right in front of them, they could not see them or realize what was of greatest value.

Instead, they were seeking out things that in their demented state had value.

But in truth, they were worthless.

In the dream, once I realized it. I just let them in. They had no capacity to understand sacredness, spiritual laws or rules, nor discern value.

It was amazing to watch while they focused on something that had no great consequence and mushroom it into something that captivated the attention and focus of the others that were infected.

And they would “Ooo and Awe” over it like it was something so important.

I just smiled and knew to let them wander through because I realized that those who cannot see truth could not understand what is of value. And that value cannot be destroyed by those who lack the intelligence to understand the depth of meaning certain things contain. It is not objects that have value but principles. And these creatures had no principles. They only repeated what their leaders saw as value and then mindlessly agreed that it had value. But it only had value to them.

Then a certain known person came in (as one of many commanders of this conflagration), and he was in such a state that he just talked endlessly about trying to get this terrible taste of sirloin out of his mouth. He could not understand why anyone would like sirloin when good hamburgers were better than anything.

I then realized that the more infected those souls became, the less functional they also became. I realized that those in charge would soon be so ill … that this entire terrible cycle would implode on itself. And those infected would not ever really be a threat to what was of great value because in their state of mind, they were completely disconnected from what was truth and even what was the definition of a “principal.”

The result of this dream was a sense of amusement at the drama that was being generated. And how, even I, had believed that these loud and obnoxious people were any real threat. But now, I realized that such souls are lost, ill, confused, and unable to be of any great consequence because they have no principles and are not protecting anything of value. If they have nothing, and cannot see the truth, then they cannot be a threat because they hold no substance, and such souls are only (pardon the phrase) “Pissing in the wind.”

~Suzanne Wagner~


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  1. Lynds 2 months ago

    Wow. Catching up on your blog and it validates my entire week…and month, really. Today is 6/16. I’m reading backwards. 😊 Let’s see what else I find. Blessings and gratitude for your offerings! XO!

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