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Numerology/Astrology for 6/15/20

6/15/20 is the number 7. If you add the 6 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 16.
1 + 6 = 7.

There are patterns and structure to massive change. Unfortunately, the world is experiencing those right now. You can feel the sets of stronger waves as they hit against your internal and external shores. There is a pounding like a drum that is building in its force, sound, and intensity. Have you ever been to the shore as a storm is rolling in. The waves tell you before the wind hits. You can feel it rushing through your body.
This moment has a force that is undeniable.
You will recognize that while you want it to go away, you will continue to hear those pounding waves that are trying to tell you to get ready and prepare for something coming. And just like when you are on the shore hearing those waves, there is nothing you can do to make them stop. You can put a pillow over your head, earplugs in, listen to music but you will still feel those waves pounding through the ground and into your body.  The rhythms of nature and talking to us in the language that they know. Now the issue is … will we listen?

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is still in the assertive and aggressive sign of Aries. It gives more intensity to actions. Those that are not so bold will become more so. Those lacking spontaneity have the courage to try new things and make leaps.

Responsibility still is the ongoing theme right now. Willingness and sacrifice seem to be required on many levels. Improvements come slowly because so much indecision is plaguing your mind and confusing your feelings.

Use this time to create order out of chaos, bring structure to things that seem to be chaotic.

You might be feeling like a rubber band. One that is constantly being pulled in opposite directions. Old habits call to you but cannot be answered because you and your life have really rapidly changed. The Universe is attempting to free you from your past in drastic ways. While that is a good thing ….. so much of it is really terrifying when it keeps coming at you incessantly. Just remember that most change in nature comes in chaotic and cataclysmic waves. This one is no different. Anticipate the massive waves that are coming. Then you will not be startled or afraid.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The change is coming.

You can feel it in your body.

You know it in your soul.

You can hear the storm

in the pounding of the waves.

The winds are coming from

a very different direction.

You hear a foreboding, an omen,

A harbinger’s voice in the wind.

The birds are silent.

The animals still and waiting.

And you are finally listening.

Noticing and sensing

more than ever before.

Some things are just too

strong to be able to deny.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I think of all our ancestors who weathered plagues.
Back then they did not know what a virus or bacteria was.
The fear they must have felt would have been much stronger than what we are feeling now.
I am grateful that we know so much more.
We know this is not God punishing us.
There is no denying that mankind is doing this to ourselves.
We are the creators of this moment in time.
We are being shown how to look past superstition and genetic patterns of bias and hate into the darkness within our own soul.
When we embrace that darkness we will discover the powerful light that we have been using to hold back the truth from our awareness.
Once that truth is revealed then that light is free to shine forth uninhibited by the minds control and restriction.
When you embrace your own darkness, you become a powerful beacon of light for others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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