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Numerology/Astrology for 6/18/18


6/18/18 is the number 8. The number 8 is the powerful drive to succeed. Within each of us is a biological force to improve our lot in life. To do that takes risk and the ability to seize on opportunities that come your way. The desire for greater security is fraught with danger and the potential of failure. Sometimes one of your ancestor’s risk did not manage to fulfill his or her dreams. But in later generations (because of the sacrifice that the original person was willing to attempt) the better outcome does manifest. Sometimes we think we are doing it for ourselves, but we are actually taking the risk for our future generations. At this time in the world, there is a strange anger from some, as they do not want others to have the opportunities and to take the risks that their own ancestors did. I find that really odd. That pattern comes from a displaced fear of loss (the number 8). They believe that deep inside there is not enough to go around in the universe. Which is absurd. The universe continues to expand as we expand. Another person wanting and attempting to grow past what they presently have, does not in any way take away from others unless you hold that belief. Innovation comes from expanding and taking in more information, not in restricting to the flows.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today

Monday is a bit complicated as the Moon moves into Virgo. The Virgo Moon can stimulate a craving for order and clarity. You might feel like the universe has decided to give you a list of tasks to accomplish in a long checklist. At the same time, Neptune is in Pisces, and it is exactly opposite Virgo, decides to turn retrograde until November 24. Do your best to direct the power and energy of Neptune as it can be strongly spiritual, or it can just want to daydream and take a nap. When planets go retrograde, know that it begins a healing process of opening to a higher vision, practicing forgiveness, and trusting your intuition at a higher level. It asks you to look inward to what you are doing that might be blocking your higher knowing. You might need to become more active in noticing the intrusion of your ego and left brain as it attempts to have all the control. Step away from the mundane and your normal routines. Take a moment to look towards your higher spiritual purpose on planet earth.

However, Neptune looks like it becomes still in the sky and turns retrograde where it will remain retrograde until November 24th. It might be difficult to see things clearly this week. Even so, the retrograde cycle itself points to a period of taking and deepening your emotional expression in the world. You will have increased receptiveness, even if you might need to put some of your dreams on hold. It can be a time where your choices and decisions feel in limbo. This is not to be a time of external gratification but one of inner discovery.

~Suzanne Wagner~




We only allow in the love
that we believe we deserve.

~Suzanne Wagner~





If you cannot see love in a person who is different than you then you cannot love the differences within yourself. No person is exactly like another but in societies we blend and merge into a unified field of acceptable behavior. But that does not mean that all the acceptable parameters of a societies social behavior will reflect the complexity of each individual person. That leaves you with a potential to ignore or hide away the parts that are out of alignment with the social norm. That will always make you feel out of place and as an outsider. Then you will judge others who are more obviously outsiders as inferior, inadequate, and not belonging. When you judge others, you are also instantly judging yourself. And that disowned part notices that it is not fully accepted in love. From this place you can never be whole. You can never transcend to higher levels of awareness. You continue to internalize the world of duality that is outside. Only when you can love all your quirks and odd patterns that are perhaps a bit outside the norm of the social rules and systems, can you find inner peace. Only from that place of peace and clarity can you accept others differences because you recognize them as your own.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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