June 18, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/18/15
Today is the number 6. Can you feel that draw to be still, sit in silence, and meditate? That is because of the number 6 luring you into the place of the hermit. Today is a day to connect to that divine spark within. It is time to remember that inside you have the answers you seek. There is no outside. Everything on the outside is coming from your internal state and self-awareness. There is no place to go, no one else has the answer for you, and it is time to remember that you are the wisdom you seek. The Moon leaves Cancer at 2:23 AM EDT, and enters Leo. This is a self-expressive position of the Moon. We want to have fun, play, entertain, and get noticed. This is a time when we seek attention–when you want to stand out for your special qualities. It’s a generally good time for romance and any creative activity as well. You might crave a touch of drama, passion, and color in your life. The Moon’s sextile to Mercury in the afternoon offers you the chance to communicate with special ease.
~Suzanne Wagner~
The biggest coward is a man who awakens a women’s love with no intention of loving her.

~Bob Marley~

The greatest gift a man can give his woman is his presence. To a woman there are so many forms of love. I want men to know how many gifts they potentially carry. To a woman, a gentle look across the room is sexual if done the right way, a playful tease is also, and his willingness to help and work together is also sexual. When a man owns the power of his love and masculine penetration and learns how to creatively move with that as a dance and an art to playfully flow with life and his woman I can tell you that there is nothing sexier to a woman. Men do not limit your sexual expression to an act. Find the creative protective expressions, the soft and thoughtful expressions, the helpful and supportive expressions, and the long and languid sexual expressions. Then your women or lover will feel happy and fulfilled. Then she can relax and open and you will enjoy a calm and loving life.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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