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Numerology/Astrology for 6/19/18


6/19/18 is the number 9. The number 9 asks the question; “What do you need to complete right now in your life?” We just passed Father’s Day and many of you did some incredible healing and understanding about your fathers. Why not continue that healing journey and take a look at the other places that you have been feeling incomplete or unresolved? Each of us is down here doing our own karmic journey to the best of our ability. Often the challenge to completion is that we do not know or understand what we need to do to shift a pattern out of suffering and into a higher perspective. The first part for me is always discretion. According to the dictionary, “discretion” is the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information, the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation. I feel that this word is one that seems to be needed in our world and that some people are speaking and behaving from their emotional reactive self rather than from a place of clarity and well thought through verbal discourse. Perhaps today, discover if your way of communicating is coming from a place of honor, respect, and the desire to more deeply understand another or if you are just seeking to justify what you prejudicially already know. Let yourself always be a child learning about the world rather than believing that you have it all figured out. Believing you know everything is arrogance and this world is much more complex than any of us can actually comprehend on all its levels and perspectives. That is why we are here. To open our minds to the infinite and to learn to always allow in more to discover.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today

Tuesday brings in some enthusiastic energy from talkative Mercury is making a harmonious trine to Jupiter and Neptune. While Jupiter is always ready for more, Neptune is opening you to a higher vision. It is a good combination.

Though the reserved side of today’s Virgo Moon’s expression may be more prominent in the morning because of a quincunx between Venus and Saturn. Know that you can get presented with a dilemma and/or difficulties feeling completely at ease with others. Yes, I know you want to make satisfying choices that can further your career and dreams but this day may leave you feeling torn between pleasure and responsibility. You might want to notice if you are not able to fully appreciate or deal with either side. Anxiety may overcome you today. Know that you wish to share affectionate discourse with others and your social urges to belong are very strong. Regardless of the  hesitation you are feeling, choose to stretch out of complacency. Remember that everyone has inhibitions so don’t allow yours to create emotional distancing with others.

However, there is also a trine between Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, and Jupiter. Know that your ability to listen and to speak clearly are excellent with this aspect. Because both planets are in Water signs, your understanding flows beautifully and intuitively with others. Attach yourself to meaningful projects now, although with the Sun also in hard aspect to Jupiter, you may think or talk about what you want to do more than apply yourself to the job at hand. Thank Goodness your outlook is hopeful and positive today. You are ready to cooperate with others on a variety of ideas and possibilities. Your ideas are big and your intentions noble. You might receive good news or offers now. Expect an unexpected gift of goodwill.

~Suzanne Wagner~






Your self-doubt is a demon in your mind
that tries to define who you are
and what you are capable of.
Your only recourse
is to banish him or her

~Suzanne Wagner~






You have to remind yourself again and again, that the universe knows what it is doing and so second guessing yourself and your choices is a waste of energy. I have made choices that after the fact seemed to be not particularly what I expected though my intentions were good. But then later (sometimes 20 plus years later), I discovered that the choice I made so long ago was correct for me and I saw that my choice gave someone else their work and life opportunities. So, in the long run you have certain places, people, and situations that you were supposed to engage and deal with. Sometimes that works out the way you idealized it and sometimes it goes very differently. But you had an experience that helped you define who you were and what you were to become. That is always a good thing.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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