June 19, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 6/20/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/20/20

6/20/20 is the number 3. If you add the 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 12.
1 + 2 = 3.

In life you have to find that internal balance between the higher angelic side of your nature and your primal, lower, base, side of your nature. And you must stand in the middle between the two sides. You are the bridge between your higher and lower natures. Do not expect the world to make that decision for you. You are here to master your own duality and the nature of your existence. Becoming whole means that you have to integrate all sides of yourself. All aspects have value under certain conditions. Integration is about being at choice between your many sides, aspects, personalities, and perspectives. You are the chairman of your own board. And within you are many personalities that you have to come to terms with and find peaceful solutions to hearing and dealing with all their perspectives. Mastering that, is a full time job right now in this world. It is extremely challenging to not go into a knee jerk reaction to external world situations. You can be a slave to your emotions or the master of them. As always, such things are your choice.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

It is going to be a busy day.

The Summer Solstice and a Solar Eclipse New Moon occur within hours of each other today. A double whammy that has far reaching impact for a long time to come. How that manifests in our world right now is going to be interesting to witness.
We will see what these powerful forces stir to the surface.
Such an eclipse impacts us for months so critical ignition points begin now and will continue to unravel dysfunction and the things whose time has come for a shift. Looking at that …. A lot of things are going to shift.

And if that alone was not enough energy …. Jupiter and Pluto align for the second of three powerful conjunctions that started in April (when the COVID virus went global). We are at the halfway point between the current cycle that goes through November.
My concern is that some people think that we have a handle on the virus, but I beg to differ. I expect it to go big under this alignment (but I hope I am wrong). In a perfectly controlled world this virus could go down slowly through November. I hope that is the case but we are not in a perfectly controlled world at the moment. And the free-spirited quality that is our rebellious American nature will probably put more at risk before this is done.

The communications planet, Mercury, and love/money planet, Venus, are both in retrograde. Communicating emotions is a volatile and potentially dangerous game because of the radically shifting values in the world right now.
It is time to redo that budget of yours.
Many things are going to need to shift even more than you anticipated because things are going to be shortly revealed that you could  not possibly anticipate in your previous calculations.
The good news is that we are getting a chance to catch up with those we love and get to the projects that fell by the wayside over the past months. With all the planets in retrograde over the next three months, we are going to be busy doing those things that are so important and essential to our wellbeing in a much longer and broader sense of the world.

There is one key difference between the Summer Solstice (Moon in Gemini) and the  Solar Eclipse (Moon in Cancer).
The Mutability of this Gemini Moon for solstice makes the next three months ones of constant change.
Do your best to keep things quick and light. Know that you are going to be moving from project to project, person to person in a breathless pace that is sure to challenge your mind and energy. Expect to do a lot of small things rather than one project that requires your long term intense focus.
The Solar Eclipse has the Moon in feeling-oriented Cancer. Where Gemini wants to take short trips, to get out and away, the Cancer Solar Eclipse wants to stay close to home and family. Know you are going to feel that push-pull personally and directly. It will become a constant over the next few months.
This is a time for radical emotional maturity. A Solar Eclipse brings up the deeper inner emotions and allows you to see and understand on a new level your souls core motivations.
In this year of changing values and priorities, now is a good time to invest in what is essential and critical. This year’s serious Capricorn energy is shifting by the end of the year into Aquarius and it will finally pave the way towards a more idealistic and humanitarian world.
With Mars and Jupiter (two fire planets) sextiling early in the day, ask yourself the question, “Are you ready to make the world that you want? Are you ready to make your own luck and path through this insanity?”

This aspect creates a type of forceful resourcefulness. I look forward to what that is supposed to look like.
The Sun moves into Cancer today and this promotes a desire for protecting those things that you love and that have meaning and value to you. You recognize that feeling safe and secure has never been more important.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Question the intentions of
those that long for and
need the promises of
Such things are designed
to keep such people
numb to the pain of those
they exploit.
~Suzanne Wagner~


While this Solstice is a time to celebrate a new season arriving, is all about figuring out how to create safety.

Time to get real!
When some of the powerful and wealthy get their egos hurt, their fragile feelings and perceived justified reactions have successfully destroyed nations, civilizations, and countries for millions of years.
I realized a long time ago when I met a lot of very famous, wealthy people, that they seemed to share something I found interesting. They were all using money and power to protect themselves. Hiding under all that wealth and power (in many) were deeply insecure souls who had manufactured facades to shield them from the truth of their own self.
I could clearly see that they really felt unsafe.
They needed “yes” people around them in order to have constant agreement so their egos were not challenged or wounded. It takes a lot of energy, power and money to defend against the raw reality and truth of this world. Not to mention the level of denial you have to be living through and the level of self-importance that you use to make yourself so much better than others.

I question those that long and need the promises of privilege that are designed to keep them numb to the pain of those they exploit.

I loved the movie about “the Buddha”, called “Siddhartha”. In the story, Siddhartha was a prince of a wealthy royal family. He was protected and not allowed to go out into the real world. But he snuck out and discovered how much suffering there was in the world. That is when he realized that the world he was in was a distortion of the truth. In that moment he committed to radically changing. He stripped himself of his comforts and went out into that scary world to learn how to adapt and become fully awake and enlightened. You cannot become enlightened in a vacuum or a bubble of protection. You have to learn to embrace the suffering of this world and figure out your place in how to help, serve, and alleviate that suffering.

Being alive is designed to be unsettling.

And let’s be clear. Minds change. Bodies change. Emotions change.

But facts do not.

Those that wield power from a place of fragility and defensiveness do much more harm than good. They weaponize the emotions of those they are exploiting with the intention to confuse and convolute.
This particular eclipse is literally setting the next stage of evolution for humanity.
The eclipses this year are their own expose designed to look at all that has been hidden away in the darkness of our soul. Eclipses (by nature) are designed to create a death and a new beginning. They are there to illuminate that which has been hidden in the shadows for too long.
These eclipses are on the weekend of “Juneteenth” which is the moment that brings the “Black Lives Matter” issues into the spotlight around the globe.
I expect many things to happen. I expect it to be confrontational and painful. Revealing the horrific treatment that those in power have been consciously and intentionally inflicting upon those that they deem below them.
If the “white” people would tell themselves the truth….. The truth is that we have not done enough to help or change the systems. It is our fault that we are still dealing with an issue that should have been settled a long time ago. We got comfortable in our complicity and we should be ashamed.

If you believe that governments and systems have to use violence and threats in order to control their people then you do not really understand what makes civilizations work and thrive.
The systems that we have allowed to stay in place are those that have created wounds so deep that they have divided this country for hundreds of years. It allowed others to take advantage and steal land, worth, and effort from those putting forth great effort.
A country will not be truly safe without people that care deeply for balance and equality. And people that do not feel safe will eventually tear down the walls of those golden towers that hide the weak from the truth of the horror of what they have created.

As we speak,  people are gathering at the base of those gilded towers preparing to storm the castle. And they will win. There are way more of us than them.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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