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Numerology/Astrology for 6/20/21

6/20/21 is the number = 13

Add the 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 13. Or 1 + 3 = 4

The Number 4 desires balance inside us that hopefully expands outside our personal reality and supports the balance needed at this time in the world. Extreme positions are looked down upon. Such things never promote balance but only serve to continue the swings of distortion. That is why to achieve inner balance one must ask that eternal question, “Who am I?”. If we do not understand the purpose of this life, it becomes difficult to open to the lessons that life presents.
I learned in my quest that I wanted to have a dramatic and exciting life. I clearly did not want to be bored. I wanted to push against the bubble of my perception and in doing so I wanted to trust my core so completely that regardless of what arose, I would be able to maintain my center and manage to express who I was in as loving fashion as possible.
The Number 4 promotes neutrality, harmony, and balance. It is a number of the fair and just communicator. In my numerology pattern, I have a Destiny of Neutral Mind. It has been my life’s mission to figure out how to maintain center in spite of the convulsions this world presents. I have failed many times in this quest, but each attempt strengthens the muscles necessary to hold a place of center when a storm rages all around. Some people think that neutrality is a spaced-out detached way of being. But neutrality is about being fully here in this moment and somehow managing to see all things, be a part of all things, but to stay in a place of clarity and objectivity.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon shifts today from the balance loving sign of Libra into the penetrating, emotionally exploring sign of Scorpio.
Jupiter appears to go still in the sky and turns retrograde. It will be part time in Pisces and part time in Aquarius during that retrograde. All retrogrades give us an opportunity to review and reflect. What do we need to prepare for going forward? What might be the next series of challenges that we need to get to arrive at this goal? It is helpful to question the direction that is arising and help ourselves by coming up with a plan. All insights are helpful and help us to achieve constructive movement in times of struggle.
What is clear today, is that the things we thought we knew now are revealed (in this fresh light), as possible limitations. How are we making choices that are revealing our lack of awareness? Do they really serve us anymore? Areas of past excess are now seen as a distraction and an avoidance of emotional challenges.
Many things are moving too quickly. Many things are difficult to navigate as they are shifting so rapidly.

The only choice is to let go and to trust. Vulnerability gives flexibility in times to stress.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Vulnerability gives
flexibility, in times to stress.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The heat is on. Temperatures drastically changing overnight. Almost lost my Delicata Squash in the sudden shifts. My restricted water system needed to be increased.

It is lovely to be the watering hole for the animals and birds. So many beautiful creatures drop by for a drink and some food. I love the nature channel that constantly runs outside my sliding glass doors.

Squirrels are bold and brave.

Pigeons prefer moving in a conclave.
Chipmunks are clever and bright.
My skunks have no fear or fright.
My land is a haven for the deer pushed away.
By their mothers now ready to play.
These boys hang out in small troops.
The older males protect these groups.
None are afraid of me.
They walk around with curiosity.
Checking to see what I am doing and why.
They know I am here as a friend and ally.
Here they are safe and have nothing to fear.
That is because to me they are precious and dear.

Today is Father’s Day and with so much happening in the world, let us be grateful for all the wonderful father’s out there that did a great job making sure we were all safe and prepared to face an uncertain world.

My father adored me and was equally challenged by me.

He wanted things for me that I did not see a need for in this life.

Somehow, I have managed to walk my own path, as everyone also has had to do in their life.
Wisdom and time help us to understand the concerns of our fathers.
We see the relevance and learn to accept and forgive the sternness and struggle.
We appreciate the intent and learn to take what was coming from the heart and real concern.
Fathers are to protect the feminine and the family.
Fathers do their best again and again.
I am very grateful for the lessons that I absorbed and became critical keys in my progression and evolution.
I am much like my father.

Same dimples on my cheeks.
Same wit and ability to spin a tale.
Same clarity of outlook.
Same honest mind.
But I am different too.
And I know he would be proud.
On this special day when he looks down, I hope he sees the blend of his and the balance of my own.

We are all flowers whose petals are the same.
Our scents are all different and the colors of various names.
We reach for a light that inspires us to bloom.
We seek to live, discover and exhume.
The truth that is hidden in each petal we hold.
It is us that must be brave and remove the blindfold.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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