June 23, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 6/24/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/24/18


6/24/18 is the number 5. The number 5 reminds you that your life is a tapestry of your own creation in each and every moment. You are spirit put into form in this earthly existence. But spirit and form must be in alignment or it creates dis-ease. The number 5 does not like to be confined because it is the entire complex energy that encompasses all of life. Its gift is change and flexibility. It desires for all of life to find expressions of play and fun. It wants you to explore your world with curiosity and courage. It wants you to have adventure and excitement. But for some the sheer intensity of that potential flow of chaos is something to be frightened of and to be controlled. There are many that fear the free spiritedness of the enlightened. They judge those that speak the words of true spirituality rather than the repetitive words of redundant religiosity. Today, find your spiritual voice and speak with words of universal kindness and compassion. Do not turn your backs on those that need help and support. Because true freedom can only come from within.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today


Mercury trines Scorpio rising. This is a breakthrough day. It is a day that you finally understand the next step you need to take. You will understand others on a soul level and that changes the depth of the relationship. The Moon is in Scorpio all day, creating this healing and transformative energy. You are opening up about what you feel and dissecting them as the Moon forms a trine to Mercury in Cancer. Your intuition is strong and there is a type of depth to your words and actions. You feel as if you stand behind something that has value and you have found a line in the sand that is important enough for you to make choices around that will define your life. There is a more provocative place that beckons you to passionately more towards with a powerful will and concentrated effort. The Sun and Mars are becoming more and more inventive and you are refining what you really want in your life. Things and people that are hypocritical no longer have a place in your reality. Those that do not stand for something cannot have impact in the world. In life, you have to have the drive and willingness to go for something or you are just letting the flow of life dictate your course and experiences. That is an indicator that you are not actively moving consciously through your own karmic challenges. But when you move less consciously, karma will always come when you least expect it and often at the most challenging time in the most challenging way. Those active seekers of awareness learn that unkinking the threads that hold beliefs in place that are causing suffering is a much better idea. Doing some sort of daily self-awareness practice is important to the more peaceful unraveling and evolution of your soul. Today, come up with a useful strategy that will help you become who you really came to be.

~Suzanne Wagner~






Can you afford the arrogance
that there is nothing you don’t know,
the knowing of which would make
a dramatic difference in your life?
~A friend of Richard Merrill~








I want to talk today about “spiritual arrogance”. We are in a time that is overwhelmed with those with a little knowledge, a lack of conscience, but a great capacity for self-righteousness, envy, pride, and hatred. The higher vibrations do not translate over the lesser functions of the distortion of the unhealed lower chakras of such people. They take high spiritual values and functions and attempt to move them through lower vibrations of their own ego and need. The result is self-righteousness, a belief in absolutes, and judgment towards others. From there it allows the energies that are corrupt and harmful to humanity to remain in action and the integrated power and wisdom of the divine heart and mind become suppressed or inactive. The more you awaken, the more you know that you will be held accountable for your thoughts and actions or your beliefs and inactions. You recognize the ability of humanity to do great harm and misuse power. There are wars that are a continuation of many that are spiritually arrogant people that have continued for thousands of years (look at the Middle East). Anyone who claims to hold the “one truth” is clearly caught in the delusions of ego. Such people put toxic energy into the energetic field of our world and cause suffering to all living things by their spiritual arrogance. The first thing you learn by going within and discovering the union with your own spirit is that we are not separate and that there is an interconnectedness to all of life. We are not superior to other life, we are just learning a particular set of lessons that this incarnation gives us. Within all living things is wisdom. There is wisdom and an understanding of life and nature that all animals, plants, insects, and fish have from their unique and specific view of life. When you come into a greater understanding of how we are all one and that together we are a conscious whole, you see truth in everything and that each living things exists because it holds a piece of truth, expressed through its particular matrix of reality. When you can begin to see the oneness in everything, you are on the brink of discovering your unique gift for this world also. Then you become an active participant in the greater shift of consciousness on this earth rather than being manipulated by your lower unhealed chakras and wounds.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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