June 24, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 6/25/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/25/16

6/25/16 is the number 4. The numerology is screaming for balance as the world is going to erupt in a chaotic wave of anger and contemptuous frustration. As Mars prepares to come out of retrograde on the 29th you will feel internally and observe externally how the anger and senseless violence will continue to aggravate situations. Mars is the God of War after all and that feeling that you need to do something about it is infecting the world with a helplessness and frustration that no one is going to do anything about it. That is going to push people to take things into their own hands and I am afraid the outcome is not going to be pleasant. Economies may tumble and people are going to begin to push back. Think of it as if the world is going into its “terrible twos”. The last several years of an almost unbearable upheaval, personally and politically, individually and collectively have taken many to the breaking point. Many are going to want to ride high on the wave of rage but remember that underneath that rage is a tremendous amount of fear and despair. With the number 4 you need to protect your 4 walls, meaning your home, family, money and health. Sometimes for things to move back into a place of neutrality they have to explode first. I hope that is not going to be the case here but the patterns tell a different tale. The Moon is in Pisces all day, harmonizing with the Sun and Venus, aligning with Neptune, and forming a square with Saturn. Decisions or commitments may not be easy now, but tapping into your intuition is. You are inclined to daydream and perhaps stray from your regular routine a little. Boundaries dissolve and you are more idealistic than usual, although the Moon’s square to Saturn can remind you that need to follow some rules. You can also be evasive and shy away from conflict, especially direct confrontation. Jupiter and Pluto move towards their final trine in a set that began in October, exact tomorrow morning. This helps you to focus and prioritize, and can also stimulate ambition and desire to improve, grow, and expand. During this time take care of yourself, find your center that is calm because around you there are going to be people ranting and raving. Watch that your communication is fair and just because everyone is at his or her limit and the fatigue factor is making rational choices go right out the window. The next two weeks will be a wild ride.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Who dares to judge me by what runs through my blood…”

~Arabic Quote~

I psychically hear the stomping and frustration of nations and cultures that have had enough of all this political stalling. And that is not just in this country. The tension has been building for a while and not there is going to be some sort of shift. I always want these shifts to be consciously moved rather than moved from the heated reaction of anger. But I know that most of the time that humanity is not conscious enough to choose from a strong mental and moral center. So much of humanity is driven by the animalistic tendencies of the primal brain and there is a good feeling as the emotion that has been stuffed and thwarted for a long time is finally released. Sort of like a volcano finally erupting or an earthquake shifting the ground and releasing the built up tension. But sudden shifts always bring destruction. And I am looking out in the world today praying for those who are choosing to do the wrong thing to consciously choose to do the right thing and stop the destructive tendencies that are about to be expressed. Even as I know that will not be possible because those choosing to do the wrong thing are locked into beliefs that have outgrown their usefulness and now they are using their own anger and justification to try to force others to do what they want. It is a toxic soup of negativity that unfortunately has a very predictable outcome. Stay strong, love your family, and keep true to your heart and values.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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