June 25, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 6/25/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/25/20

6/25/20 is the number 8. If you add the 6 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 17.
1 + 7 = 8.

Sadness creeps in with the intention to pull the rug out from under us. As rules are ignored than the more despair and suffering is created. I know everyone wants this to be over. We all do. But it is not. And really we are looking at this process for another 10 months at least. Not what any of us want to hear. But there it is. I think this process with this virus is teaching us about a much needed skill of self-restraint. Something that is difficult for everyone but more so for some. Learning to be alone and to not need constant stimulation takes focus and effort. You get to do an enforced type of meditation retreat. People pay good money to be in silence for a month in meditations retreats. You have an opportunity to do just that right now. Get to know yourself. Being still forces up the emotions that you have been hiding and avoiding dealing with. It seems that some would rather risk illness and death than confront what is bubbling up from deep within their soul. I think that nothing is more interesting than exploring within. I want to know who is in here. I want to know the emotions and beliefs that are blocking my enlightenment and awakening. I actively want to seek out those places within that do not feel loved by me. This moment can give you a huge advantage if you are willing to choose in completely.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Venus finally goes direct and as things turn around there is a bit of energy being discombobulated. Take your time, you might feel a bit confused. What is good is that there will be movement forward in the areas of love and money. Any good news is helpful in this intense astrology. Let that warm heart of yours appreciate and touch as many people as possible. When you choose to be more and more authentic, you make not just yourself comfortable but others also. People will pay anything they can afford to be in the presence of authenticity. And in a world where falseness has been the order for years, authenticity feels like you can finally breathe. Support all truths in a direct and open way. Recognize that reactive emotions need to be put aside. Tact and diplomacy attempts to regain control over the disruptive elements manifesting in this world. My motto is, “No matter what be kind!” But today, also be patient as people are struggling to process what they are feeling.

With the Moon in Leo, there is a type of affectionate caring that is available to you. Know that progress is happening. This is a moment that is similar to when plants are transplanted and for a while they have to have the roots grow first below the surface. At first there seems to be no growth and change on the surface because all the work is going into the ground. That is where we are at right now. A country without a good base and grounded in truth will bear no fruit.

The Moon shifts into Virgo today making you want to organize and schedule things. And over the next few days that is going to become more clear. We are hitting a tipping point and the health care people are going to get caught up in the surge. That is why structure is going to become essential and tough choices are going to happen quickly.
~Suzanne Wagner~


A country without

a good base or

grounded in truth

will bear no fruit.
~Suzanne Wagner~



The Statue of Liberty has been shot in the back.

By those that want freedom taken off track.

Americans want what they have always had.

They don’t want to be told that deserving is bad.

Why is it hard to make those to see.

That no one is taking their guns or liberty.

Those in power have weaponized such souls.

To believe in a lie and to do as they are told.

Those people have become Don Q.

They fight windmills without a clue.

Wasting energy and precious time.

Angry and pissed off they want wartime.

Calm heads need to rule.

Not those with an education from grade school.

Intelligence is not based on your grade.

But it is revealed in the way you behave.

Those that have no self-control.

Will not do what they are told.

They will continue to tear apart.

Until we take back America’s heart.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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