June 26, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 6/27/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/27/18

6/27/18 is the number 8. The number 8 is about grief. The last few days have been leading up to this feeling and you probably tried a multitude of ways to not feel it. You might have been busying yourself in order to distract yourself from your pain, fear, self-doubt, and frustration. The theme I have been hearing day in and day out has been that someone has always had great luck in a particular area, so why is this moment not working? They seem to not understand or accept that things never “Always” go your way. You have astrological moments of luck but there are moments when you do not. That is just how life flows. Nothing ever stays the same. But collapsing is also not a pattern that serves either. Each of us have to keep on keeping on. Life does not stop when you do not get what you want. Life keeps going and the demands of life keep calling out to you. Today, step out of the shallow belief systems such as “The Secret” and recognize that not all things can be fixed with intention. There are huge global forces manifesting tremendous upheavel and while thinking positively is helpful, there are also moments when you have to push up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. This is one of those moments. Some things require a degree of physical determination and effort that is hard and exhausting. Some things cannot be solved by just dreaming and intending. You are being asked to stay positive but to put your back into it. Your life requires you to really do the work and make the effort. I know that there is a grief with that as you let go of your childish, simplistic beliefs about life. No one said it would be easy. No one said you would not get your hands dirty. No one said you would always have what you want. No one said that you would not feel loss. No one said your life would match your dreams. What life did say, was that you would have a grand adventure and learn about things that you presently could not conceive of. From that place of wonder … you can find the joy and determination to keep going.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Full Moon at 9:53 PM PDT is at 7 degrees in the Capricorn/Cancer axis. It is a mixed energy Full Moon. I am sure as this Moon has been coming on how the worlds emotional energy seems to be ramping up. Of course, the warrior planet Mars which just went retrograde will not be giving us the energy and drive to feel as accomplished as before. And it will be doing this till the end of August, and that has you pulling back (hopefully to take care of yourself) because it is probably very clear how exhausted you are and that you have a deep need for rest and rejuvenation. So as one aspect pulls you in, the Full Moon wants to pull you out at the same time. The effect could manifest as a deep desire for a huge change, but that change does not seem to fit into the picture that will really nurture you in the fashion that will totally relax you. The Moon is aligned with responsible and disciplined Saturn. And as much as you want to have fun you feel like instead you are singing the song, “Takin care of business. Every Day!”. And the warming summer Sun is moving into an ever-expanding Jupiter. This planet is pushing you to open to a bigger and more conscious expression of your soul. And you are not yet done with the back and forth energy because, this Full Moon is preparing you for three eclipses (yes three) starting next month. I am afraid that there are just too many contradictions to make this easy at the moment and so you are going to have to flow to find your own personal ways to set goals that are actually doable and ones that allow for the possibility of steadying this ship in this chaotic storm. Let’s just start with facts. Right now, life is going to be messy. And it is not clearly fitting into any category that makes any sense to your old or new reality. By the end of this summer, the energy will be so dramatic in the external world, you may not recognize your present ambitions and goals at all. Each of you will have some big shifts coming, so learn to move now and accept that life is a continuing education course for the next few years. The Moon is in Sagittarius until 11:53 AM EDT. Then it moves into productive and practical sign of Capricorn.

The Sun is in opposition to Saturn today, so expect some sort of a reality check, likely related to our work, responsibilities, or the rules, in general. If you feel doubtful, pessimistic, or guilty that is a clue that you need to make some sort of correction. If you are not noticing or encountering obstacles to the progress you wish to experience, you would have to be in a huge denial. External forces at this time will seem to let you down. It is normal to attempt to make yourself feel better and to measure up to expectations you have in your mind in order to increase your confidence. Feelings are so chaotic at the moment that Focusing too much on them is probably not the best idea. This is your clue that you may have to re-evaluate your goals. Something in your logic and thinking is not really correct. These are times when you have to take a more mature and grounded look at your life. You have to see past the illusions and dreams and into the practical reality. Many things are pointing towards a more conservative approach.

In the afternoon there is a Venus-Neptune quincunx, and that may feed some deep insecurity making you feel uninspired. This is probably the worst time to make a large purchase or commit to something that you really cannot see the outcome. Look outside what you want and recognize that around you are many deeper spiritual needs for your growth. When you stop feeding the ego you will discover that its stomach is forever growling at you and it will never be fully satisfied. You must step past the obvious and know that you must feel the deepest parts of your soul. When your spiritual side is full then you can cope with not getting what your ego wants.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Always take sides.
Neutrality helps the oppressor,
never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor
never the tormented
~Elie Wiesel~


The Buddha says in a sutra:
Monks and scholars should
Well analyze my words,
Like God (to be tested through) melting, cutting, and polishing,
And then adopt them, but not for the sake of showing me respect.

These words of the Buddha mean that even if a particular doctrine is set forth in Buddha’s scriptures, one must examine to determine whether or not it is damaged by reasoning. If there is damage by way of reasoning, it is not suitable to assert the literal reading of the passage.

Suppose that something is definitely proved through scientific investigation. That a certain hypothesis is verified or that a certain fact emerges as a result of scientific investigation.  And suppose, furthermore, that that fact is incompatible with Buddhist theory. There is no doubt that we must accept the result of scientific research. You see the general Buddhist position is that we must accept fact. Mere speculation devoid of an empirical basis, when such is possible, will not do. So, if a hypothesis has been tested, and has been found to be one hundred percent sure, then that is what we must accept.

~Dalai Lama~
From his book, A Policy of Kindness, 1990

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