June 27, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 6/28/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/28/17
6/28/17 is the number 8. Do you reflect on how far you have come? Do you allow yourself to see the growth that has happened and speak kindly to yourself and your progress? Take the difficult moments that have pushed you to the limit and see how you have taken a bad situation and created something good from it. If you have not done that then perhaps now is the time to begin. There is no point holding onto the negativity and using it as a shield to keep others distant or to use it as a badge of some terrible honor for others to feel bad for you. Bad things happen to everyone and it is not those events that matter but what you create from the energy you were gifted in those moments. Life just gives you things to push against to discover what you do not know about yourself. And the truth is that you do not know a lot of things. You have an untapped potential that you withhold and often can only be revealed through struggles and hardship. In this way, you have to see that there is no bad and no good. There are just energies that you have the opportunity to learn to use and work with. Some energies may not be to your liking but you are still gifted with energy if you are willing to work with it. Negative events can catalyze you into your goodness and greatness. Sometimes the negative is there for you to push against.
Today, you can be very interested in producing, analyzing, fixing problems, and sorting things out today with a Virgo Moon all day and Mercury and Mars coming into alignment. The Mercury-Mars conjunction is a good influence for motivated, energetic work, particularly related to communications and the mind, and, since it occurs in the sign of Cancer, home and family may be involved. I know how much everyone wishes that things would get to the point but that does not seem to be happening. So now, communications are a bit on the insensitive side, but also direct and clear. Just do your best to take care of business. Keeping busy and making headway with what is right in front to you satisfies more than usual, and it will be especially important to channel this excess mental energy constructively. Otherwise, it will make you feel nervous, impatient, and irritable. There can be aggressive or excited thinking or communications. Tonight, Venus forms an awkward quincunx to Saturn, suggesting the need to make some adjustments or to make a difficult choice. You are extra sensitive, but it can be difficult to know why. Underlying anxieties or worries can prevent you from expressing yourself naturally in social or intimate situations. Emotional distancing and inhibitions may be present now. While there is a balance to be found between business and pleasure, it’s hard to know how to get there under this influence.
~Suzanne Wagner~
May you be blessed with the freedom from pain.
May you learn that your choices
create a projection of your lessons
to learn in the outer world.
Those things you think others
did to you are a mirage,
that you needed to think
in order to find fault
instead of owning the power
of your illusions
as you dreamed them into the reality.
It is never what you have
told yourself is the truth.
You made that truth up
to protect yourself from
the awakening that wants to happen.

~Suzanne Wagner~

I truly believe that it is the artists and musicians that consistently save the heart and soul of humanity. Artists will continue to express the truth through music, words, poetry, and visual arts regardless of the terrible hardship and difficulty that the world has constantly thrown at them. Artists show us the way. They show us how to take terrible events and patterns and turn negative energy into artistic expressions of hope and redemption. Artists give a voice to those feelings and emotions that many feel but do not have the knowing or skill how to express. The skill of artists make us not feel alone. They allow us to feel a part of a tribe. The allow us to belong and have a community. Life without art would be so much more difficult. Life without art would probably have created a world with no record of the past, as artists have the ability to write down what has created our history. They created the stories that were of significance. Art creates a lineage and record of humanities journey across this beautiful earth so that others can hopefully learn and improve on the events and choices of the past. Within you is an artist. Let that artist teach you how to let the creative expression that is part of your birthright become the transformational force for good that it was intended to become.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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