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Numerology/Astrology for 6/28/21

6/28/21 is the number = 21

Add the 6 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 21. Or 2 + 1 = 3

The Number 3 supports us looking at our life through positive eyes and a caring heart. Life needs so much love and attention. Care requires time and effort. And always we are being asked to stretch more. That is because hearts can always expand and love desires to grow beyond the familiar. Love is inclusive not exclusive.
So, notice what and who you wish to exclude.
Why is that the priority?
Hearts want to love more not less. Hearts want to have love overflowing in life so that this powerful force within becomes a river of positive energy going out to others.
But hearts also do not want to be beaten down, hurt, or manipulated for their love. Because of our own wounding there are moments when we think we are loving when actually we are trying to hook, manipulate, and take more than is being offered.
That is when we have to realize that what another offer is what they have to give and demanding more than that is never the pathway to the opening of more love.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is zipping along and is coming off its full and brilliant position. It will also move out of the hopeful and progressive sign of Aquarius just past lunch time and move into the very creative and spiritually deep sign of Pisces. From this place the Moon wants to express those deeper feelings within.

Mars and the North Node will sextile and that is the energy that desires to “take on all comers!” Participation seems urgent and those satisfying activities that are giving and growing take high priority.
Overall, we are moving in a great direction. While things seem slower and less obvious, know that such major astrological shifts cannot be done quickly. They need rock solid foundations and only then can we move towards that progressive reality that will generate the opportunities and help us achieve great things.

Venus and Jupiter minorly quincunx. It makes things feel restless and unsettled. While you think you have to make a decision, during such moments, it would be best to put that decision off for a time.
Many things can and will be offered today. Keep your expectations low and reasonable. Balance is more important than achieving some monumental goal.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Who do you open to?
With whom can you share your pure-hearted self?
Your dog?

Your cat?

Where do you feel loved just for being you?
Those places are special.
Those places are home.
Those people and animals are there to remind you that there is so much more that we hold too tightly inside.
And those people and animals give us a doorway back to ourselves.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I love when there is a magical moment in time in a group. Last night we celebrated my best friend’s birthday, and the gathering of people was fabulous.

There are those magical moments when something very special happens and those gathered energetically connect and align with great power and heart.
The conversation becomes riveting and the engagement of those gathered is something that connects into the infinite and timelessness of eternity.

Such was the night last night.

Many times, in my life it has been hard to find those that I call “tribe”. I have been blessed with many tribes in my reality. But sometimes you go for long periods where you may have one or two but not a whole gathering of those vibrating in such a way between intellect, humor, creativity, passion, and power.

Last time was such a night.
It was powerful in such a way that allows one to relax into the conversation, listen in awe, and flow with the patterns of minds converging and connecting.

I love the sharing of “pure” hearts.
I love when authenticity reigns supreme.
Too often in life we forget the exquisite joy of fully opening and feeling safe enough to just be the total magnificence of who we are without holding back, feeling uncomfortable, or desiring to fit in.

When we hit that correct vibration, we know it.

When we are home and with familiars … we feel it in our bones.
The souls last night, I have walked through many times and spaces with.
Those souls I know and vibrationally trust deep in my core.
It was a relief to feel that in that moment, I could open fully to my totality and not overwhelm anyone.

I have a very big energy that can intimidate.
Though that is never what my intention is.

This dimension limits, compresses, and for many inhibits that universal totality from moving passionately and powerfully through.

But when you are in a group that is familiar, the shields come down, the energy has permission to run, and this creates a euphoria that is a symphony of exquisite connection and expression.

Search for those familiars.

You never know where you may find them.

It will be worth it on all levels.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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