June 28, 2020

Numerology/Astrology for 6/29/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/29/20

6/29/20 is the number 3. If you add the 6 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 21.
2 + 1 = 3.

The number 3 is about triangulation. It takes three points to pinpoint the location of something. It takes 3 vantage points to have clarity and perspective. The first vantage point is from looking out your own eyes. The second position is looking out the eyes of another looking at you. The third vantage point is looking at you and the other person. Right now, so many only see through their own eyes. A very narrow and extremely limited perspective. When you mature past the selfish tendencies of humanity you can look out the eyes of another and gain tremendous understanding and improve your awareness that is beyond the simplistic position of “I”. The third perspective is a more global/universal perspective. The more you can step back from something the more information you begin to see and can include in your assessments. The suffering right now is happening because some want their very narrow perspective to be the only one. That is the angle that causes war, conflict, and hate. It is an angle that is so restricted that it attempts to control from making rules that only work for a few rather than the many.

Do a simple exercise…Look at a present conflict out of your eyes. Then imagine that you can walk into someone’s body and feel into their experiences, their breathing, their challenges, their stresses, and their joys. Then see out their eyes at how the same situation appears to them. Then finally, look at it from the position of the observer. Stepped back 20 feet watching the encounter and observing both yourself and the other. Notice the mistakes and assumptions each makes. Notice the things that trigger another and make their eyes roll. Notice more than just what you feel. No matter what you will become informed in a new way. The reason others do not do this is because they are afraid of the conflicts that arise when you realize our own limitations. We are afraid of the fight the mind puts up when truth comes in. We are afraid of change and all the ramifications that presents. Bottom line is that fear controls the souls of many.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

We are at the halfway point of a pattern that attempts to help us let go of the old ways and expand into this changing world. The world has drastically changed in a number of ways since the 1950’s. The demographics of this country have radically altered and will not look anything like the past going forward. That means we are supposed to adjust. And change is the name of the game this entire astrological cycle for the next two plus years.
Mercury is at the halfway point of the retrograde and now is a good time to look at what needs to move forward in your life. Don’t be an old curmudgeon. Be at the cutting edge of this change manifesting. It will be more fun and exciting if you do just that.
The Moon is still in Libra until just after dinner time on the east coast and forms squares with Jupiter and Pluto. They are both retrograde and building up some aggravation, upset, and irritation. Use the thrusting power that is coming tomorrow to explode you into a more creative place. Know that the tempers of others are a bit fiery. Become a peace maker and harmony builder. Find excitement when others want to fall into fear. Use these conjunctions to better the world and yourself.
The astrological focus has shifted towards bigger social and material goals. The momentum is in reform and progression. Reflect on the fact that you are in a very powerful moment in history. One that will change the course of this world massively.
Have confidence in the fact that Mother Earth did the kindest thing that she could to show us the error of our ways. She is showing us that we need so much less. We need more time to be with our families. We need jobs that we can work more remotely and not have an hour of travel time in both directions. We need less pollution. We need to see “work” and “jobs” in a very different light. We need to see each other with refreshed eyes and minds. Make the most out of this change that you can. Have confidence that you chose this moment to be an instigator for tremendous growth for your soul.
There is no right. There is no wrong. There is only change in constant flux with what is really important. Your influence and insight grow when you are willing to explore the possibilities.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Fear controls
the souls of many.
Fear limits options.
Fear believes that
there is no way through.
Fear is a liar that is
shameless in its
overt manipulation.
Fear creates problems
that it never solves.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe the dead show up to give you information and insight when you are really ready for it.
When I was a dancer for Ballet West, I had been asking for help and insight into my father and what I needed to know about him that I did not really understand.
Within a short period of time, his dead mother came into my awareness. She would hang out in the evening and tell me stories about his formative years and the situations that created my dad’s personality.
I got so much from those sessions with her.
It helped me heal my relationship with him because I was able to step out of my perspective and take a look at what he saw when he looked at me through his eyes. I recognized how much of a challenge I was to him.
Not that I was a bad kid. In fact, I was the “perfect” child in most ways.
But I pushed him in the ways of his beliefs. I wanted to believe and see a world that was growing and evolving.
But his reality and his job made him much more of a realist and he saw the ugliness in the world and had learned how to keep his mouth shut and he learned to work around the politics to get his job done in a way that supported a bigger picture.
His dead mother, was so helpful because she was there to guide me see past my projections of him being so tough and hard on me. And instead I could see that he was afraid that I did not have enough toughness to deal with the harsh reality that was the real world.
I have to say that my father did not live in a fantasy at all. He was very good and dealing with what was right in front of him. But because of that, he did not have the best patience. Patience was a short string for him. You knew not to push it too far.
I believe in life you need to see where you are like your parents. And where you have chosen to do it very differently. Regardless, you have to know that your parents genes run through you and are there to guide you in many situations.
Look to be the best of their patterns and let go of the patterns that do not serve you. Accept them as human and working through their own karmic patterns. Learn to not take on the karma they carry but to take full responsibility for your own. That is the way through the chaos and into clarity.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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