June 2, 2021

Numerology/Astrology for 6/3/2021 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/3/21

6/3/21 is the number = 14

Add the 6 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 14. Or 1 + 4 = 5.

The Number 5 asks us, to step firmly onto our designated path and remember that so much depends on the actions of all of us moving forward. This world is changing, and us with it. New habits that are environmentally affirming and that support fragile ecosystems are so tremendously important.

On so many levels, we are looking at a future that is in question. Every choice and action we do are either going to continue the dysfunction and destruction of our environment or help it.

What can we do? Stop the litter. Pick up trash that we see, so it does not go into the oceans and streams. Take time to help all living things in their struggle to survive.

Every small step makes a big difference.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

By Thursday, the energy picks up again, and we may feel more active. There is a strong desire to be social and to engage with others. Just remember to stay as safe as possible.

The Moon goes into the assertive sign of Aries till Saturday. Exercise is favored. We may feel bursts of energy that will make us feel so much better.

The Sun and Saturn are trine giving us the energy to get very productive with our work. It is easier to accomplish that harder tasks today. So jump in while we have that extra push to get it done. It feels good when the responsibilities that have been handed to us no longer feel like a burden. There is a sense of pride that we have finished these important tasks, and now we can move towards some new goals after this.

Know that our tolerance for rudeness has a very short fuse.

We may notice physical limitations that are occurring at this time. It is better to accept them rather than push against a solid barrier. We are learning that sometimes it is better to make a small adjustment now than push and overextend in a way that will bring the exhaustion back up.

Venus and Jupiter also trine adding even more energy in if we remember not to overdo. While eating all the desserts seems like a great idea, sharing is going to be the better idea. Clearly, this lifts our spirits up and that is much needed at this time.

Be kind and help others by being more cooperative rather than combative.

Some may take this process slow and steady. Others may open in a more trusting way. Both are good.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Where will tomorrow lead?

Life has a code and a creed.

I wish for a world filled with love and delight.

I wish for a time when hatred takes flight.

There are so many things that take some time.

But do those things that will shift the paradigm.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Just a reminder that I do these blogs a day in advance. Today I get ready to leave to go to Clovis to go to Yosemite to distribute Jim’s ashes there tomorrow. Then I will have a day off, and I am going to San Simeon to be by the beach and take a walk along the coast. Then I return to Yosemite to participate in the Celebration of Life for both of these amazing men.

And then this cycle is complete until the California laws sort all the probate stuff out.

I am grateful to all those that have helped and supported this process. There are too many to mention all of them, but I hope they know that they are deeply appreciated and loved.

What will we reflect upon in our dying process? What will we find holds the most value to us? What will we realize were things that we did not need to waste our time on?

What matters is connection, caring, and kindness. Everything that is hateful, degrading, dividing, and distorted will try to feed off your life force energy.

Never feed any thoughts or actions of others that feed hate.

There is not enough energy available to us at this time. Many are all used up from the past five years of intensity.

Time to do those things that cultivate joy and good manners. I personally have no time left to engage with those whose agenda is to propagate hate, distribute lies, or to continue to undermine our nation.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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