June 4, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 6/5/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/5/16

6/5/16 is the number 2. The number 2 challenges you to find peace between the two sides of your brain. Your left-brain is the analytical side and it loves to know, understand, analyze and comprehend complex patterns. The right brain wants to be creative, find the flow, and feel deeply into that inner intuitive self. You can see that if you can get both sides together you would become an unstoppable force of balance and clarity. You cannot have total understanding from only one side of your brain. It is time to put both sides together so you can find your life purpose and your soul’s mission in this life. Let that silent knower inside guide you through to the more subtle pathways that allow clarity to come from chaos. The Moon continues to transit Gemini after a New Moon at 11:00 PM EDT yesterday, and you can feel new energy and a sense that you are finally heading in a new direction. Pay close attention to the areas of communication, learning, and connecting. Right now the lessons are in how you say something and if you are truly saying what you mean in a way that others can receive correctly. Being misunderstood is all about taking responsibility for how you come across to others and making small adjustments that allow your true intent to find a doorway through your words. The Moon’s sextile to Uranus early afternoon allows you to look forward a bit which has been challenging under this Neptune in Pisces because so much water flowing has the tendency to muddy the waters and make you fearful because you cannot see the bigger picture unfolding. The mind is curious and wants to understand so you are looking for mental and social stimulation. The Moon enters soulful Cancer tonight at 11:43 PM, and you may begin to crave more security, quiet time, and familiarity.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Usually, someone’s sense of self is linked to and enmeshed with what they feel. So if we say to ourselves, “I feel angry,” or “I am angry,” what we are really saying is that at this moment my sense of self has fused with the emotion of anger. And, of course, that fusion is an illusion, because what we are cannot be defined by an emotion that runs through the body.




It is astounding how much of humanity believes that they are what they feel in a moment. But you are much more than your emotions and feelings. In my line of work, as a psychic, my clients want to trust those feelings and believe that they are accurate and true. But again, feelings are transient and not meant to last but they are meant to be moved through. Your feelings will guide you to your karmic challenges not necessarily to your happiness. If you live a life that your goal is just to be happy then you will live a life like a yo-yo. Constantly on the quest for a consistently transient emotion will leave you feeling exhausted and empty. Instead tap into your consciousness and who your soul essence has been throughout time. That is what is true. You are a soul seeking wisdom and understanding through having experiences. Those experiences are designed to be a full range of everything, not just the experiences you prefer to have or want to have. Life without variety is really dull. Life without challenges to overcome even more so. Take a look at the challenge presenting and know for a fact that you are making it worse by allowing the dominant part of your mind to make the fears huge and your capacity to overcome those challenges seem impossible. Then know that is a complete illusion and a lie. It is never what you thing or feel. But you must step fully on the path of change to discover the depth of your own illusion.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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