June 7, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/8/15
Today is the number 4. Discovering the power that happens when you move from your center is where your inner potential lies. Nature is always in its center. Weather is always in its center. Humanity rushes ahead and forgets to discover the center first before taking those leaps. Therefore, today, go into nature and find the center that is your own organic flow. Then slow down and find the center in a slower place, then slower again. Take the opportunity to uncover a pattern that perhaps has been hidden from yourself until this moment. Then sit in a place of powerful patience and allow something to come to you from that spot. It might be a voice, a thought, a creative idea, or a dream whose time has come. The greatest things come from those deeper places of your core. Artists know how to drop in more quickly. Let yourself discover your inner artist and find the fulfillment when time stops and the creative part of yourself takes over. It knows no time, it is eternal, and it is infinite. The Moon completes its transit of Aquarius at 4:17 AM EDT, when it enters Pisces. During this time you are more spiritually aware and sensitive with a Pisces Moon, and also quite inclined to entertain dreams. The Sun and Mars, both in Gemini, are both forming sextiles today so that activities related to Gemini are especially favored. The Sun sextiles Jupiter today, stimulating hopefulness and a desire to do good things. You may be especially sociable, tolerant, and generous under this influence. Confidence comes from a stronger sense of who you are and the principles you represent. You are more able to grasp the “big picture” which expands your perspective. You are also closing in on a Mars-Uranus sextile, exact early tomorrow, stimulating a willingness to make changes or to take educated risks. Your ideas may be groundbreaking, and at the very least progressive.
~Suzanne Wagner~
You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.

~Alan Alda~

Art can save your life. Art can save the souls of all it touches. Art is beyond time and space. Art moves from the place of core grace. In the silence that is beyond mind wondrous things emerge and come into being. You are a wonder waiting to be born. You are a power waiting for your touch to be formed. It takes time to find the inner space where your authentic self moves exclusively from a place of grace. Give yourself the gift and just let go. Drop inside and allow that powerful flow. Let your life become a river of change. Let your heart express and show you its range. Your love is bigger than everything you can conceive. Open the door and finally let it breathe.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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